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How to Generate Traffic, Leads and Sales Using Twitter

Mar 1st 2011 at 6:05 PM

The more time I spend on Twitter the more I see people making mistakes that could  eventually cost them their Twitter account and even their reputation. Due to unscrupulous and otherwise "black hat" activities and/or behavior, the folks at Twitter are being forced to deal with spammers aggressively. You DO NOT want to get on the black list at Twitter so it’s always to your benefit to do things the right way.

Taking short cuts on Twitter is not the way to get great results with it. Most people are being lead to believe that the money is in the numbers, and while the numbers are part of the equation, success with Twitter goes much deeper than just mass following large numbers of people.

Twitter is one of those rare gems where quality does beat quantity. From a business perspective, we all know that business is best when we can meet the needs of a market where the demand for our product is great. If people want or need something that we can provide at a level of quality and value that surpasses our competition then we have the making for a business that will generate wealth.

Twitter is THE place to find and drive niche specific, targeted traffic in real time. Twitter is huge and it's only going to get bigger.

Think about it. When people are looking for answers to questions, solutions to problems, etc., they go to the search engines, usually Google. They ask the search engines, "how to, where to, what to, when to and even why to" accomplish anything from fixing a leaky faucet to stopping a bloody nose... and when they ask, those questions are usually answered with incredible accuracy.  Your Twitter posts can show up in those search results!

As you can see, for those who desire to use Twitter for business, this technology is huge and NOW is the time to position yourself to be at the very top when Twitter REALLY gets big! When it comes to business Twitter is for anyone who has a product, service, idea or talent to promote. The potential for targeted website traffic, business contacts, sales leads, joint ventures or even fame as the next "big thing" in music, screen or stage are now more attainable, than ever before!

Twitter is the "big dog" in the yard right now and those who are serious about creating wealth (in a day and age where that is easier said than done for most) need to pay very close attention to Twitter.

Twitter offers the opportunity to tap into a better quality of web traffic than has previously been reachable by the average Internet marketer. Until recently, the search engines were the "go to" source for targeted, niche specific traffic and for good reason. The traffic coming from the search engines, when funneled correctly, is incredibly responsive.

With the right training and information, most of the people who are doing business online WILL be able to implement a set of very simple strategies that will create
for them an experience with Twitter unlike anything they have experienced before.
Twitter is not near as complicated to use for business and marketing as many are being lead to believe. The general consensus is that you must find an “underground” or “sneaky” way in which to cheat to generate awesome results.

Not a day goes by where I don't talk with someone who tells me "I'm just trying to figure Twitter out." Everyone sees the potential, but most don’t know how to open tap in correctly and open the flood gates. This is the case for a majority of the people who are trying to use Twitter for marketing and business. If you are one of the people who has been trying to “figure Twitter out”, then take a deep breath of relief, you have just
found ALL of the answers you have been looking for.

If there were and actual SECRET to success with Twitter, it’s this… you are going to get the best results with Twitter when you use it to build your account niche specifically.
What do I mean by niche specifically? Well, if I am selling snow blowers I don't want a follower base of Hawaiians, Floridians or other people who live in an area where this isn't any snow. Simply put, my demographic must fit my product.

This is basic knowledge when it comes to marketing, but its knowledge that many network and new Internet marketers fail to take advantage of because they don’t want to take the time to learn or they have connected with the wrong people and aren’t being taught the right way.

Want to learn how to use Twitter correctly and generate your own highly targeted, highly qualified leads for your niche?  You've GOT to read this report (it's free!)

Click the link below - your click will open a new window and you can view the report immediately.  Save it to your computer, share with your downline and your Twitter followers!




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Mar 2nd 2011 at 12:06 AM by Thegreenest1
Thanks for the Twitter Tips! I agree with you on many points... & I appreciate the PDF. Follow me on Twitter when you get a chance! - Paul

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