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How To Enjoy Movies Fully

Jul 6th 2016 at 3:06 AM

Studies have proved that watching movies can reduce human stress upto 36 percent. However, the studies are based on the integration of all the activities of an average person while watching these films. However, if you focus singularly on watching these movies and dive deeply into them, that percentage can increase by a significant value.

Here’s the right way of enjoying a motion picture fully –

Don’t Choose The Cinema Hall For Every Movie

Watching movies in theatres has its own set of perks but in most cases, it ends up spoiling the fun for you. Most of the times, far too many activities go on here for you to actually sit down and watch the movie with undivided attention. The best solution to this is to enjoy the movie at home. Multiple portals on the internet are available today that promise free online movie streaming. These are reputed sites that pose no security threats to your computer. You can sit in the comfort of your home, relax in your favorite armchair and then dive into the movie head first. You can choose the time of your comfort. The combined effect will create a collectively peaceful experience for you and will actually help you take in the movie fully.

Keep The Phone Away

The basic understanding of watching movies is to experience someone else’s life, fall into a completely divergent world and virtually visit places that you might never experience physically. If you keep getting disturbed by the beeping of your phone, you can never gain the wholesome experience. You have chosen to watch the movie for enjoyment and entertainment, keep your phone away. Personal and professional life will catch up to you in no time after the movie, stay away from it for a couple of hours.

Go For Fresh Juice Instead Of Coffee

A majority of us have the habit of sipping a coffee while watching a movie. It helps you remain alert, no doubt, but it will only end up making you crash harder later on. Caffeine is the best for temporary concentration but it ends up draining you eventually. Instead, go for natural fruits or their juices. The sugars will help you keep up with the movie and will enrich your health in the process. Don’t sit with a box of pizza while watching the movie either, food is the biggest distraction of all.

Choose The Genre Of The Movie Wisely You choose to watch a movie to get out of your regular, dull routine. If you choose a movie with a middle-aged, frustrated and corporate worker as the protagonist, it defeats the purpose of watching it entirely. If you are a true cine goer, choose intriguing Christopher Nolan like movies that will stay with you for days and fling you into another universe altogether. If you look at free online movie streaming as a leisurely activity, go for chic-flick romance or comedy as your genre of choice. Remember it is you who is going to watch the movie ultimately, don’t always go with public reviews. Choose your own set of movies that will create unambiguous cheerfulness in your mind.

Do Not Overdo It Watching four new movies in a week is more than enough. If you try to swallow multiple movies in a single day, you will end up twisting the knots in your brain rather than releasing them. Respect the art of the movie you watch and let it stay with you for a complete day. Everyone is already multitasking in their lives; try to keep this straightforward and simple.

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