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Restoring our Victorian built by my grandfather in 1892. Sewing, knitting, counted cross stitch, crocheting, golf and teaching others how to build an internet business.
I have been writing blogs and articles since 2005. I look at the profile above and realize I have not done much sewing or knitting in a while. I have made some baby sets with afghan a bonnet and figerless mittens for baby showers however.
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How I Promote Face Plate

Nov 5th 2010 at 3:01 PM

Posted on November 5, 2010 by Sue and Shawn Kelly

Face Plate is a Social Network Designed for Business  Owners.

It has a complete array of  promotions that help to Brand You.  This of course includes Building a list and getting to know other business owners. But also includes articles, How to Blogs , advertising and sharing your business.

A great deal of the joy of business social networks is the sharing. We love to help others  especially newbies to learn what is needed to help a business grow.

What are the best programs for the money and making the most of free memberships.  What are the best safelists, traffic exchanges and how do I budget my time and rsources.

I use the social net works themselves and post new and tried and true products and programs  in tweets and squeeks and the what are you doing  sections.  Sometimes I am preparing my note book  to attend a training session and give the link for them to see how great the free training can be.

I write in my blog to tell them what I learned. If I can learn something new then anyone can. Michael Camire has an excellent article with a video on how to organize your safe lists.  How to create a separate list email to keep the email flow manageable.  If I read a post from a Fellow Marketer that would be useful to others I pass it on by promoting it with a tweet or ad it to my blog because it is expressed better than I could write it my self.  I keep certain  traffic exchanges to promote affiliates only. Some to promote my landing pages and I always use Safe Lists and Solo Ads for click bank Products.  Share a bit of yourself, encourage others praising them for a job well done and how their article helped you and others.  They will see you as a friend and a leader, someone they would like to do business with.  Go and Grow Together!!

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May 5th 2011 at 10:09 AM by 1miracle4u
Sue, Thank you for sharing, I definitely learned something new today. It is said if we learn at least one new thing each day then we have added something to our lives as well as to the lives of others whose lives we have touched. Thank you for touching my life.

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