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How I got 23,588 followers on Twitter

Aug 9th 2011 at 9:10 PM

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Twitter has proven itself to be an easy and free platform to advertise to the masses. As of this post, I have 23,588 followers on Twitter. I rank #534 for the most listed people on twitter according to I'm not trying to brag, I'm just pointing out that a nobody from farmington, Arkansas figured out the formula to getting lots of followers, and how to get money from "using twitter", WITHOUT ANY of my followers spending any money. Here is one of my Twitter accounts. CLICK HERE

I'm not going to make this a "sales page" and talk about that here. The porpous in this post is to explain how I aquired so many followers, so you can do the same. Quite frankly, it's pretty simple once you fully understand the process. This does require some FREE web-based software (you don't have to download anything....:o) so even though I said I wouldn't make this a sales page,I will leave an affiliate link to the required websites so I can at least get credit for referring you, and I will probably make some money, even if you don't spend any.


First thing to do is open a Twitter account if you don't allready have one. You can get one HERE for free.Make sure you have a website link ready to put on your profile page, because you will get a fair amount of curious people that will click it to see what your about. I have mine going to a video.I've made a good amount of money from a link to a video like this one:$1.36_sale.php


The second thing you should do is go to and put yourself in ten different category's that target your personality or goals, or like minded people.Then start following ALL those people that are in those category's.Yes it's going to take an hour or two.Follow everyone on the first 5 pages of those category's you aded yourself to.You can get to Twellow HERE.

After you have done that, the web-based software comes into play. You'r going to need something that automatically follow's every person back, that followes you first. you will be getting 100 to 300 new followers every day, so there's no way you could manually follow all those people back.

There is a web site called Social oomph,And the free verion of their site will automatically follow any twitter account that follow's you.The free version last forever,I've been using it for almost 3 years. There is a paid version that is awesome and let's you do some pretty cool stuff,but it is optional.You can find the website HERE.

Once you have that set up, every ten days or so, you will need to go to, and the free version of that website will allow you to see every one who UN-follwed you,and if you hit the "expand" button, you can UN- follow 100 of your UN-followers at one time, once every 24 hours.That's keeps you from hitting your follower limits set in place by Twitter.


Thats pretty much it.When you get tired of Twellow, the best place to find followers is search on twitter's search box for #followback or #ifollow back or combinations of those tearms. also, you can search peoples list for follow back list's. I gotten 1000's of followers from those list's.

I'm always ready to help anyone achieve what I have achieved, so if you have any questions, just find a way to get ahold of's pretty simple.

I would also like to take this time to thank you for reading my post. I hope you find it useful.

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