Free Advertising – Does it help in Getting Traffic to Your Website?

Nov 11th 2010 at 4:57 PM

Free advertising for websites has become a rage all over the internet with so many websites springing up daily. There are websites that even pay you to surf websites while offering free advertising.

Free advertising websites require you to register and start surfing others’ websites earning you credits which can be used to advertise your websites or blogs provided they meet with their conditions or requirements. You need to spend time regularly on their websites if you want to earn credits. You must not forget to submit websites’ addresses and how many credits you wish to spend daily on these free advertising websites. If these sites allow multiple websites, you can allocate a fixed number of credits to be spent on each of the websites. Some free advertising websites allow you to allocate percentages too.

The question crops up – do these free advertising websites really help you to get traffic to your websites?

The answer is – Yes and No. Yes, because your ad is going to show up if you have credits in your account. No, because this traffic is not your target traffic. Just as you do, others too wait for the customary 10 or 20 seconds to earn credits and vanish. This does not ensure traffic that is interested in your line of activity or business as portrayed by your website. Moreover, traffic stops the moment you do not have enough credits. Same is the case with free mailers. Very few people read these free mailers. The end result is everyone is where everyone was.

Then, what is the way around? To solve such problems, clever webmasters use attractive splash pages to join their mailing lists. Your ad should grab the viewer’s attention within 10 seconds so that he can consider joining your mailing list. This requires special skills in writing a good and attractive copy or catchy headline. Now, too much hype may also not work. So experts include their photos on the splash pages as well as list some tempting benefits of their offer. And mostly, people offer free downloads of e-books with attractive and splashy images.

Even this method needs you to earn enough credits. However, if you do not want to waste time clicking on ads right from the morning to earn credits, there is a way out. You can become a paid member to get special rights. It is as good as buying traffic and the concept of free advertising goes flat.

A different concept uses listing of websites and blogs on a website under different categories. Members are allowed to join free and submit their website particulars. On acceptance, these are published on the free advertising pages in the form of text ads and banners. The idea behind this is to show a list of good sites worth visiting by surfers. One of the conditions insisted upon is that the members must include a reciprocal link of the free advertising website on their websites or blogs. The members can benefit if the free advertising website is well optimized for search engines. Another significant impact is due to the different keywords occurring in different ads on the same page under a category. This helps in search engine ranking and pushes up the possibility of getting good traffic. Further, each member indirectly helps by promoting the free advertising website’s link in social media too.

One major advantage of such websites is the fact that you do not have to waste time in surfing to earn credits. You gain by joining a team and promoting the free advertising website in various channels. You stand to gain if you connect with other members on give and take principle because all businesses are so defined.

The author believes in using free internet resources for promotion of home based online businesses. To advertise your websites free, visit and join now: Free Advertising for Websites

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Jan 20th 2011 at 7:24 AM by TerriLPattioMLMmento
This is a great write up and very truthful information which can benefit the new person that don't know.

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