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Flying has become mundane

Mar 20th 2013 at 8:49 AM

The common cliche to fall back on when describing the wonders of the skies is to marvel at man’s preoccupation with flight. Joys as base as Airport escorts pale in comparison with the human race’s desire to fly, to touch the clouds and declare themselves masters of the world. There is undoubtedly an element of noble jealousy, they say, in the manner than man watched the birds and thought to himself that he would one die fly. The Wright brothers, pioneers who finally brought the skies to the feet of mankind and proved that no task is insurmountable to us. What we lack in biological gifts, we make up for in cunning and in our leverage of technology.

That’s great and incredibly poetic, surely the narrative of a stunning tale that has long enchanted men and women alike. The problem is that it’s virtually irrelevant these days. Dreams of flying are no longer that: catching a plane is an everyday occurrence and that hallowed flight of man just a mundane method of transport. In many ways space- with its myriad possibilities, inaccessibility and gorgeous sights- has become the new sky. People fantasise about becoming astronauts now, they want to map the starry night sky, venture into the void and find whole planes never before seen by the naked human eye. Flying? They did that when they were a toddler.

Think about it, the last time you were on a plane, did you gasp in wonder as your magnificent vessel broke through the clouds and left you hovering thousands of feet above the ground? Or did you sigh lazily as the child in front of you starting crying and the inflight movie turned out to be another ‘zany’ romcom? Exactly. Flying is no longer the great enterprise that it once was. Occasionally, we look out of that little window and feel truly humbled, to be so far above everyone we know and love, to have slipped the Earth’s surly bonds and all that, but in general it is just another day.

What makes you buzz and tingle is the sheer excitement of going away, of escaping everyday life and going somewhere new. It’s knowing that, in a few hours, you’ll be choosing from a range of beautiful escorts near airports. It the feeling of release as you turn off your phone for the week. It’s the sheer satisfaction of those emails pouring into your inbox, only to be met by an out of office automated reply. For a few days, a week, a fortnight if you’re lucky, you’re free from it all. The miracle of flight is old hat, the miracle of doing nothing is what really gets everyone going these days.


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