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Downline Builders - Are they useful?

Sep 6th 2010 at 11:48 PM

There is always much debate about the value of downline builders and I follow the arguments with interest.

I'll focus on downline builders for traffic exchanges because that's the focus in VitalViralPro.

One thing that's hard to argue with is that if you want free traffic, having copious direct referrals is an advantage in most every traffic exchange. And in some exchanges, earning credits from indirect referrals is a massive advantage.

People on the against side of the debate typically say downline builders are not the way to go; they say build a list and build trust with list members so those list members naturally take your recommendations to follow you into traffic exchanges.

For a given marketer that's competent at doing just that, I'd say I would mostly agree with that point of view.

However, I also know that it doesn't matter how much you tell some people that building a list is the way to go, they're often just not interested !!

I've always tried to adopt that old maxim of 'become successful by helping enough other people become successful'. It's done me well. And sometimes, because of the debate, I wonder whether I am doing people a dis-service by encouraging them to promote their downline builder.

Fortunately, I recognised this dilemma a long time ago.

I guess I used to feel slightly guilty that it sometimes felt a bit like a downline builder was a kind of ponzi scheme. If you're not sure where I'm coming from, imagine a multilevel business where the product is a service (such as hosting, autoresponders) but only a small percentage of the members actually use the service. People sign up to the service but only in order to make money from the compensation plan.

My solution was to add real value to VitalViralPro and push the downline builder part of it into being just a part of a package - the rest of the package being tools that definitely benefit any marketer using traffic exchanges.

I have gradually changed the marketing for VitalViralPro to reflect this. It's now a tracker, a brander, it ranks traffic exchanges, it makes many things very easy. That's why you join VitalViralPro. It also makes it easier for members to get referrals in VitalViralPro - they are selling a 'toolbox' full of genuinely useful tools. Oh, and by the way. If you dip inside, you'll find all the links for joining the top traffic exchanges and when you're done, stick your IDs in so your referrals join through you.

I don't have that guilt any more. People are genuinely using the tools and not pushing VitalViralPro as a downline builder.It's definitely not a ponzi !!

I now see people branding pages they don't own - that is a huge chunk of satisfaction for me. I see them tracking where they never did before. And the promotion of VitalViralPro is done for them (in both senses of the word).

And I'm not there yet but a big part of the intention with VitalViralPro is to educate. Once members begin to brand, begin to track, begin to move towards splash pages, tentatively try their first squeeze page then we might be able to get them building their own list.

But the people that knock other people for not building a list need to remember that it's not easy to create compelling content for a list. And just like if too many people upgraded in traffic exchanges the whole business would collapse, so it might be that if too many people start depending on and actually using list building, list building would actually stop working for all but the top and 2nd tier marketers.

Everyone on everyone's list - where does that get us? Just like with Twitter, marketers at the top of the food chain love it. Those below are just marketed to while their own marketing message goes largely unheard.

The same dilemma exists in many contexts; where would we be if no-one wanted to be an affiliate and everyone created their own product?

I believe the key is to educate people as honestly as we can, to point out the value of list building but to let them gravitate towards their own style, their own strategy and support them in that as best as we can.

It's certainly a debate which will continue to stimulate thought and innovation and that can only be good for everyone.

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May 18th 2011 at 9:32 AM by TimRR
good for building the program you are in. but yes you need the program to give you away to build your list,,well done

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