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Does SEO really work?

Nov 30th 2010 at 2:58 PM

   Well, Does SEO really work?

Does it?   I'm waiting....................................

O K fine,      I will answer this question myself;

 YES!   That's right, I said yes! and not just because it

worked for me either. Even though it did!

  There are many a so-called Guru's out there that don't

want you to know that SEO is doing fine online because

they don't want the competition in their Niche. They don't

want you to realize just how important SEO really is and how

Easy it can really be!

  Go-Daddy does not get the credit they deserve for all of

the work they do behind the scenes by keeping my Sites up

24/7, protecting my Sites from spam and infiltration, Email

accounts for every site and much, much more.

  I have used My SEO to Dominate the Search Engines once

again!  Even though SEO services get a bad rap by the IM

community over-all, I have continued to put Site after Site

on the First Page of Google.

   My most recent endeavor was "The Real Money Store"

which was created by myself on 8/21/10 with the services

provided by Go-Daddy.

   As of this date; 11/30/10  "The Real Money Store" is ranked

#1 on Google, MSN, Yahoo, Kooday and probably every other

Search Engine online!  With 200 million results and climbing.

  Sales are brisk and plentiful with no end in sight, Especially

with Precious Metals skyrocketing in price and plummeting in

availability daily.

   This Site is not just another Site I am promoting with my SEO

service, I actually own this Site and control all sales and deliveries.

We offer the Best Prices on Gold, Silver, Platinum and many other

monies, precious metals and gems of all types.

 But we are here to talk about SEO working for your Business, I

may be a little partial on this subject but why should'nt i be? I can

and do prove that SEO really works every day with my customers

and my own Sites.

   I am The Leprechaun - I have many talents - Traffic is my Favorite!

       Gold , Silver and Platinum are my Rewards!

My process is Easy! 

Pick a Niche - Write an Introduction page or sales page, depending

on whether you are offering a service or a product.

Select your keywords - I always go after the Biggest Keywords with

the most Traffic and the Title of the Site or Article that I am promoting.

Use your Title and sub-title if possible in your Meta-tags and Anchor


Oh Yeah!  Do all of this on a 5 page Go-Daddy Site which you get for

Free with the purchase of a Domain name.

   It does'ny get any Easier!  Believe me, I do it all the time!


 Timothy Millar  aka  "The Leprechaun"


ps. If you need my Team to do this for you just holler


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Nov 18th 2016 at 4:51 AM by denisehilton
SEO is the most reliable way to build a reputation for a brand so YES!

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