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Credit based mailers: tips on earning credits efficiently

Sep 7th 2010 at 1:33 AM

We want members to read our emails and spend time on our specified page, yet when we come to earn credits, it's a chore. Sure we enjoy seeing other members' offerings but we also have to earn our credits in a reasonable time or the whole mailer thing just isn't viable.

Here are some ideas that may help you make it less of a chore. It's not a complete system - just pick and choose from anything that helps.

Filing Incoming Emails

Contrary to most advice, I try to use Microsoft Outlook for my incoming list emails. Yes it means downloading a lot more mail than having it go to gmail but I find it far faster to earn credits. Being on my PC means that changing folders, opening emails is instant (which makes the job less frustrating as well as saving time) but that's not the main time saver.

I have rules set up so that mails go into folders in the structure shown below:

I try to do some credit clicking every day but I just can't stay on top of them all. But the key thing for me is that they're organised by mailer. Although it seems slightly illogical that the mailers are a sub-folder of claimed, it makes it easier to drag mails I've claimed into that folder (I find this more reliable than using the read status of the email).

The reason this is useful is that I know that the regime for earning credits with a particular mailer. I also know how long before mails expire, I can see how many mails are yet to process so I can choose the mailer I want to process.

I don't want to deal with a mailer right now if it only has 3 emails to process - I'll wait till there's a decent amount. This lets me use little blocks of time (maybe I feel like a break from what I'm doing) and plan much better, using time efficiently.

Claiming Credits

This is where I find Outlook so much faster than the same process in gmail. Let's say I'm going to process my backlog of Elite Safelist mails. I open the folder and I open the oldest email (I do this out of habit because if I have left a folder too long, the oldest ones may have expired).

I will already have a fresh firefox window open ready and I can click on the first credit link. That opens the credit bar in a new tab. While that starts doing its thing, I click back to the email I opened and click on the previous email button (up arrow on the toolbar). Note I have to click on the email first to give it the focus back from firefox or the first click on the up arrow won't register. Or I can just click the up arrow twice.

Straight away, the next email is open and I can click on the new credit link. A new tab will open and start to load the necessary but before it gets going, I'm back clicking to get the next mail. This way I can open 10 emails a in very short time and can then click on the tabs in firefox one at a time (starting with the first) to review, wait for the timer and get my credits.

Note that one big advantage I find from dealing with mails from the same mailer in one go  is that I know where to find the credit link and I do a lot less accidental wrong clicks.

You can tell from this that I don't spend much time reading the emails. I do if they're short and I pay attention to the subject line. I even copy some to my swipe file if they caught my attention. But their page is what I view - email copy has to be very short and to the point for me.

A few things to make this all work. Firefox must be set to open links in a new tab (new window is too slow). Unless you have two or more screens like me, you need to have firefox not full screen and arrange your open mail window and firefox to cooperate on the screen. Otherwise you have to keep alt-tabbing and that slows you down a lot.

On Elite Safelist and others, remember that you're going to get a verification credit bar every 10-20 mails. For that reason, keep half an eye on each tab as it opens and deal with these as they come up.

I like to move the mails I've processed from the folder to the claimed folder. I usually set the folders to show total items rather than unread items (right click, folder properties).

Gmail or a regular account

I have to experiment a bit because some mailers hiccup sending mail to my isp (I do of course have a dedicated email address). They will put my account on suspended status because my ISP bounces an email - typically because of a URL in the email rather than the ISP having a problem with the particular mailer.

When that happens, I set my list address to gmail and have gmail forward to my isp email account. It doesn't matter so much then if gmail gets a bounce in forwarding to my isp.

I have a love/hate relationship with Gmail. I love that I can use it as a huge inbox, with its filters and unlimited space. But some tasks are just so much more tedious with a web based email client. But each to their own. I'm not trying to make you switch to desktop mail for safelists - that has its issues too.

Using the mailer inbox

I have recently started using a slightly different approach. Where the mailer lets you view unclaimed emails in your inbox within the site, that is pretty quick too and avoids the need for the emails to be downloaded at all. The procedure is slightly different but again, I work in batches - I open 10 emails and then go review those websites. I will scan the emails but again, I don't read long emails. I don't think I'd believe anyone who said they did.


Be aware of nuances for particular mailers. TripleQuikAds for example - you need to log in regularly as well as open emails. Credits expire after anywhere from 3 days to never.

I know this seems like trivial stuff but these finding tricks like these (if they work for you) can save time that builds up to quite a lot over a week or a month.

Of course the ultimate time saver is to be upgraded so you don't need to earn so many credits. Also, my related article on ViralMailProfits will save time at the other end of the process - sending and tracking mails.

Above all, streamline your own process but do give each page respectful attention. You want to earn credits as efficiently as possible but everyone needs to play by the rules and give other members' offerings the attention you hope yours will receive.

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Sep 7th 2010 at 9:46 AM by webmiep
These are very usefull tips. Thanks

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