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Changing The Local Economy Through Networking and Health

Feb 1st 2011 at 3:33 PM

I posted this in my local Merchant Circle.  This is my passion.  Perhaps if you have a similar home based business you might get the idea to do the same to help your community.  Their are so many people out of work.  Here's my Merchant Circle Profile. Merchant Circle is free to join.   You can build a local network as well as national network for your home based business.  If you decide to join, look me up and let's network together too!

Changing The Local Economy Through Networking and Health

I have this crazy notion that I can change the economy in my local community.  I live here in Yuma, and the unemployment rate is somewhere in the range of 26 to 30%.  This is outrageous and I am fed up with it! I'm also fed up with our government, especially trusting them to watch out for "my" best interests.

I am a Bookkeeper and I've been out of work since February of 2010.  I have scoured the papers, job boards, employment agencies, government job boards; I've applied to nearly 100 jobs since moving here in June and still no work.  I was getting quite depressed when one day I decided to do something about it.  I have owned and operated several businesses in the past so I knew how to make money.  I've made money on the internet and in direct sales before so it's not a new thing to me.

Get this; recently, I ran unto this new company One24 on a social networking community for home based businesses.  One24 just launched in July of this year and they sell health products through distributors.  The cost to get started is very affordable; actually - it's pretty much free.  You only need $60.00 in qualifying purchases per month!  One24, currently has only one product - it's flagship product - a Super Food Blend Powder called Natra Burst that is all natural and very healthy. The cost is only $60.00 plus shipping for a one month supply, but the ingredients are such quality that you are actually saving money.  If you were to go to any health food store and purchase these products separately, you would pay more!

So here's the deal.  You pay for your own product to meet your minimum qualifying purchases per month and become a qualified Preferred Customer.  The company, then gives you a website for free to sell the product to other people!  But as you sell the product to other people, which they will want to buy because of all the health benefits, they will then be able to make money with this company too!

The company is internet based so your reach is not just limited to your local community but to the whole United States, and soon the whole International Community as well.  It's a win-win for everyone.

You also have access to regular weekly team and corporate conference calls great upline support and a back office to track all your sales and distributors on your team.  Your up line helps you with all the marketing materials and tips to get you started.  Your up line also helps you build your business as this the whole design of the compensation plan.  When you succeed I succeed.  We all make money at the same time.  Our Team right now is planning our retirement party which is scheduled to take place in approximately 24 months!

The compensation plan is unlike any in the industry where you get paid for other peoples efforts.  But the best part about it, is the plan works and within 24 months you will be making enough residual income to retire!  That's it.  It's very simple to join, very simple to market, the product is geared to success, because it fills a need in the lives of health minded individuals and this is just the flagship product.

Watch Compensation Plan Video Here

So back to my crazy notion to change the economy in my own community of Yuma Arizona.  I've made up my mind that by next year I'm no longer going to be broke, but I'm going to be in a place to begin changing not only my life, but the lives of my family, my neighbors, my friends, my church family and the whole community of Yuma.

You see how this works?  If you are unemployed and looking for a job, I've got one for you right here.  It only takes commitment - to succeed, commitment to simple steps and commitment to yourself.    It takes just one person to start something and I've committed myself to be that person.  Want to join me?  Ask me how.

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Thanks for your time and to your future success!

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