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He's been involved in this field for almost four years trying all possible ways of earning money online and getting experience and skills.

He enjoys reading, blogging, making new friends and helping others in need.

He's also a beloved family man and father of a cute little girl.

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Automate your Twitter account for more traffic

Jan 18th 2011 at 1:07 PM

I’m going to talk about one of the best Twitter programs that I’ve been using for quite a while in order to automate my Twitter account.

On my previous posts, I talked about the methods I use to drive traffic to my links. You will see the links to the relevant posts at the end of this post. But, this post will be dedicated to one of my favorite ways of driving traffic using my Twitter account.

If you are reading this, chances are you already know what Twitter is and probably have a registered account. And if the title of this post already caught your attention then you are yet another online marketer just like me who is looking for the best ways of driving traffic to his sites.

Well, I must tell you that the information I reveal here is not going to drive huge amount of traffic. But, you may experience a pretty deal of quality conversions if you do the tricks correctly. Bear in mind that you need to be an active Twitter user and have valuable tweets if you want to benefit from these tips. Look here for the effective ways of getting Twitter followers.

Ok, now, let’s get back to the point. The pretty useful program that I use is called and I must tell you that I’ve been using it quite for a long time, since I started tweeting. This website has lots of functions for not just Twitter users, but also for other social websites too. But I’m going to talk about Twitter only today.

So, how can you benefit from and drive targeted traffic to your websites? This program enables you to create Auto Welcome messages on Twitter, so that when someone starts following you, he automatically gets one of your predefined messages. And of course, you can include your links with the messages. But remember that in order for your follower to click on your links, you need to write catchy messages along with your welcome message. This can be something like “Hello and thanks for following me. As an appreciation, I’d like to share with you a great program that earns me residual income – link” . The great feature of is that it helps you to create more than one auto welcome message and renadomly delivers them to your followers. So, you can let free your imagination on this.

Now, how can you do that. You need to create a free account at Free account has some restrictions though, so if you intend to use the site to its full extent, you’d better upgrade. Besides, the website offers good commissions for your referrals. So, it’s a good affiliate opportunity too.

After you create your account at, you need to link your Twitter account with the program. It is carried out using Oath, so there’s no hard work involved. Once your Twitter account is linked, you’ll see the configuration page for that account.

There you can configure your automation settings. In order to switch the auto welcome message feature on you need to check “Automatically send a welcome message to new followers.” option.

Below that you will see the text box where you are going to enter your predefined messages. Now, this is the interesting part. If you click on “How to rotate welcome messages (and why you should).” link, it will expand with the help text on how to create the auto welcome messages correctly. It is easy to read. However, if you have any difficulties doing it, just leave a comment below this post and I’ll personally guide you through it.

After you create your set of predefined welcome messages, your Twitter account is pretty well transformed into quality traffic machine. Every single follower will start receiving your Auto Welcome Messages, and if your messages are quite catchy then there’s high probability that the follower will click the link and go to your website. Easy!

You can also check Auto Follow feature if you want to automatically follow your followers starting from the time of activation. Another great feature is vetting your followers. You can put on hold all the follow requests and manually approve or reject them later. Quite effective if you do not want to be followed by the spammers.

That’s it. I’ll talk about other features of Twitter automation on my future posts.

If you like this post then don’t forget to subscribe to my blog feeds.

Happy tweeting.

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Jan 18th 2011 at 9:40 PM by nelica
Very nice article and interesting information. Thank you for sharing with us

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