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Are Traffic Exchanges Extinct? Step By Step Action Plan When Dealing With Traffic Exchanges

Oct 27th 2010 at 7:08 PM

I am sure that you are going to hear many sides to this story and unfortunately I am not the one to say yeah or nah!  I do not use Traffic Exchanges in the way that others do.  Let's face it, when it comes to Traffic Exchanges, the vast majority of users out there are only interested in spending a little bit of time surfing the exchanges in hopes of generating traffic to their site for free.  If you do not fall into this group, then you may fall in to the group of Traffic Exchange Owners who are making a killing by signing up thousands of members in hopes that they get at least 35% of those members to upgrade to a monthly subscription.

I am writing this article in hopes that some people will see the method to my madness as to how I use them in getting targeted traffic and not just some random users online skipping past my site and waiting to click the next site button.  I will not deny that I use Traffic Exchanges.  I think that they are an extremely easy to use and understand traffic generating tool.  The problem that I have with them is that they do not provide quality traffic.  What I mean by this is that there are many users that are into the health and wellness niche that are just in the exchange to get hits to their sites.  That is fine and dandy but that does absolutely no good to me when I am in the internet marketing niche.  So this is what I have chosen to do with regards to Traffic Exchanges and it has worked for me thus far.  Here is a Step by Step Plan of Attacking the Traffic Exchanges.

1.  Create an Account at Affiliate Funnel
2.  Then sign up for these 9 (and only 9) TE's.
1. High Hits TE
2. StartXchange TE
3. Hits Booster Pro TE
4. Web Biz Insider TE
5. Sweeva (this one I really like) TE
6. Traffic Splash TE
7. Easy Hits 4 You TE
8. Tony Tezak's Traffic Power TE
9. I Love Hits TE
3. After you have confirmed your username and passwords for the 9 TEs above, sign up
to On The Go Traffic Success.
4. At this point make sure that you have webpages that you can use.  What you are going
to do is put the web addresses in the On The Go Traffic Success Link Generator and
use the generated links as website addresses into your TEs.
5. Go into each of the 9 TE's member pages and look for the banner links and the text links
6. For each TE use a banner ad and a text ad from On The Go Traffic Success site that
you have joined.
7. Next go to Quick Tab Exchange and download the app that allows you to shave off time
on your surfing needs.
8. Install and use Quick Tab Exchange on your computer before you open up your TE
Surfing tabs.
9. Begin searching on the TEs for 30 - 45 minutes per day and no more than 45 minutes.

Now it did take me just under an hour to set up all of the sites, banners, and text ads for each of the TEs that I have listed above, but now I only spend no more than 45 minutes a day surfing for Free Traffic.  Once my site had been approved to each of these TEs, then anything I get from them is just bonus. Let me explain what the goal is here.

You see by signing up for the On The Go Traffic Success Site, you will be able to generate the links that you are going to put into the Traffic Exchanges.  So as you are surfing for traffic and earning credits, your On The Go Traffic Success links will be the ones being displayed (as if they were clicked on) thus increasing the amount of ad credits that you are going to be earning with On The Go Traffic Success Site.  This is important because these credits are actually going to be used on ads that you get approved in the On The Go Traffic Success Site.  These ads are going to be targeted ads on other people's sites that are similar in your niche so your exposure will not only be targeted but there will be more exposure.

This my friend's is how I use Traffic Exchanges.  So if you are wondering if you are wasting your time using them, then I must say that no they are not a waste of time because I am generating a higher quality of traffic from the On The Go Traffic Success site.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them for me and I will answer them to the best of my abilities.

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