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Amber eyes explain the ferocity and candor of the hunting dogs

Oct 9th 2015 at 12:54 AM

Humans are a species that will never lose the desire to keep exploring things. That is perhaps one of the main reasons why we love dogs so much. There are just so many types that we  come across - many kinds of dogs, some of whom sit beside the master, some on the lap while some guards the farmhouse. There are dogs who can hunt very well. Some dogs are good swimmers too, though swimming is an innate talent that hunting dogs with webbed feet have got.

Hunting dogs are have been used for their specific trained purpose for thousands of years. The royal family in the ancient days enjoyed a habit of keeping such dogs for organized hunts on horseback - the hounds would run with the owners and the horses and find the prey and bring it for his master. The hunting dog is often characterized as dogs who love to hunt for you than be coddled (but this is not always so - for instance consider the retriever class that can be very affectionate).
For many huting dogs, they enjoy being most active in winter. Warm weather and heat can hamper their enterprise. There are many kinds of such dogs who are famous for their hunting skills. These dogs are very much in use even today for sport and for actual providing food for the family. Some of the majin Hunting dogs are categorized in the following types:

* Hound dogs
* Gun dogs
* Curs
* Terriers

Dogs for hunting come in various shapes, sizes and personalities. All dogs possess an inborn emotion that humans call loyalty, and hunting is a perfect expression of rewarding their master for their masters loyalty. The hunting dogs faithfulness  (often in dangerous situations) demands appreciation. Every dog irrespective of breeds have a tendency to take care of their territory and protect it with own life. No one teaches the dog to be a patriot, nonetheless to talk about the hunting dog group, some breed names are worth mentioning:

* Airedale terrier
* Alpine Dachsbracke
* German shorthair lar
* American squirrel dog
* Golden retriever
* American blue gascon hound
* French spaniel
* American water spaniel
* Atlas terrier

There are many breeds of hunting dogs such as those above, but now days many are kept exclusively as pets even today. These dogs are some kind of athletes and are quite dignified. There are few dog hunting breeds, such as,

• Brittany spaniel: These dogs are lower to the ground and smaller in size in comparison to many others of the hunting breeds. They are affectionate and loyal and have a brown & white coat which appeals to many people who want them as a companion pet.

• German wirehaired pointer: These dogs are very hard working, faithful and can very well keep the track of the prey. They need a lot of exercise !

• Vizsla: This breed is very affectionate and cuddling towards home and just the opposite when in the mood to hunt. It is said that they possess “more than average” ability to take training.

• Deutsch Drahthaar: This is one of the water dogs that are very protective towards family and can track blood scent to follow the prey. They can even take part in many land and water game.

• Cheapeaske Bay retriever: These dogs are of a large buid, strong and very powerfully built hunter dog so that it can resist many extreme weather conditions.
There are many such dogs who are well built and great hunters. They are very dedicated in their works and ensure the security of the family they stay with. All these dogs can be trained very well.

Jennifer Miller, a vet, describes in his article about the various breeds of hunting dogs and how well these water dogs and hunter dogs can be trained.

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