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5 Key Aspects of Ecommerce that are Often Overlooked

Nov 30th 2015 at 4:02 AM

Commerce is the fuel that keeps the mankind moving. Since it is as old as civilization itself, it has often been the subject of various studies. Because of this, much is known about the world of commerce and its rules. In the digital era that is early 21st century, there is a force that shows serious inclination to replace traditional commerce once and for all. This newly emerged idea is of course the notion of Ecommerce. However, since it is still relatively new concept, its tricks of trade are often obscure even to the great majority of its regular users.

Driving Traffic Your Way


In a traditional commerce, you would need to lure customers inside of your store and this has remained unchanged even in the Ecommerce. The only difference is, that your store is now online and you need to learn how to drive traffic to your website. Promoting your business through social networks is always great as well as extremely cost-effective idea. This is why, your store should always be connected with some of the major ones like Facebook or Twitter. Hosting a trade-specific blog is another great idea of self-promotion which can help you gain some additional attention.

Having proper IT infrastructure


Now, in your store, you would have to rely on your employees to do most of the work. This is why, you would try to hire the best of best and make sure that they are always well motivated and organized. Luckily, this extremely complicated process was replaced in ecommerce with many times simpler notion. All you need to have now is proper IT infrastructure and you are ready to go. This includes three things: proper software, adequate hardware and efficient IT infrastructure management. By managing to secure all three of these things, you will already start paving your way to the top.

Simple and trustworthy payment


There is probably nothing more important for an online store than having a reliable method of payment. However in order to be reliable, this payment system needs to be trustworthy, stable and user friendly. Probably the most stressful and frustrating thing your clients could experience in your online store is troubling with payment method. This is why, you would be wise to look up alternative payments services. Admirable performance and ever positive user reviews are what this platform has to offer and in the volatile world of ecommerce this often goes a long way.

Mesmerizing design

First rule of retail (online as well as in person) is that you should never, ever underestimate the power of visual stimuli on your customers. By cleverly designing your website and making it as orderly as possible you can make a positive first impression on your clients and make them want to linger a bit more. First impression is one of the most important things here and you can never get second chance to make a good first impression. Also, it is known that some colors can affect your mind in different ways, so going with calming blue or energizing red, it is on you to decide.

Honesty is the key

Finally, if you are ever to build a brand it is of essence that your bond with clients is built on honesty. Start off by including taxes and shipping into the price on your website. This way, the buyer will know exactly what to expect. Even though many will advise that the lowest your price is, the more people you will lure in, the truth is that honesty is always better in the long run.


The only thing that has really changed is that the focus has shifted from real world to the digital one. Apart from this, almost every single aspect of traditional commerce has its counterpart in the Ecommerce as well. This is why, the best possible advice you can get is to try and give your online store as much attention as you would have to a real life one.

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