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Apr 24th 2012 at 3:34 AM

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Becoming the Expert

It goes without saying that people tend to listen much more closely to those who are considered an expert in their particular niche. Even in the Internet Marketing world, we gravitate towards the experts in the area we want to learn about.

So what does that tell you?

Become the expert. It can't be any simpler to say than that. Brand yourself the expert in the niche or subniche that you want to focus on and over time people will start to read what you write very closely. They will also buy your products before they buy from someone who is NOT an expert.

There are many "fake it til you make it", so called experts running around on the internet today. Don't become one of them. It takes time and patience to get to that status, but it can be stripped from you at the speed of light. Once you're branded a phony, people will stop seeking your advice and eventually they will stop buying from you.

The real experts will get invited to speak at events, will be asked to conduct teleseminars or webinars, perhaps write articles for their customers and clients. All of this builds on your status which will, over time, also increase your sales or subscriber base.

With WordPress Genius, you will get tips to help you start honing your skills to become an expert in this subject. If you are not already an expert in this area, this free CD will certainly start you on your way.

Remember - branding yourself an expert is one thing. Actually being one is another, so make sure you grab WordPress Genius now and start (or increase) your expert knowledge!


Internet Marketing for Fun and Profit

Why are you in the Internet Marketing niche?

People get in to this for various reasons, but I would have to say that the biggest reason is to make money. Whether to try to make this a full time gig, or make just enough to make a car payment, money is a huge motivating factor.

Unfortunately though, people get the wrong idea about just how "easy" it is to actually make any money doing this. In fact, some 93% of the people who actually cosider themselves internet marketers don't make a red cent.

Part of the issue is they are sold a bill of goods. They are told over and over how easy it is to do, that they can make money in their sleep, etc. What their NOT told is how much work is actually involved to GET to that point.

Then there are those who simply don't want to make the effort. They buy product after product, open it up and see that work is involved, then stop right then and there. Then they wonder why they are not having the success they feel they deserve.

At the end of the day, it comes down to focus and desire. The true desire to succeed, then the power of focus to study and put in to action what they learn.

It also helps a lot to laser focus on one or two particular things at a time. For example, focus on becoming a killer copy writer, or perhaps article marketing, or creating and selling products. In the internet marketing world, there are so many of these sub-niches that it can be hard to focus on just one or two.

So right now, perhaps you're at that point - trying to pare down your focus on one particlur subject. I can help you...

WordPress Genius is one such sub-niche that you can focus on, and right now, you can grab this training cd for free. It even comes with a free sample of our killer marketing newsletter.

Just visit us at:

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