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Why DSL is the Most Cost-Effective Broadband Internet Solution

Oct 30th 2014 at 10:55 PM

One of the oldest methods of internet service distribution, DSL or Digital Subscriber Line uses a technology that enables internet providers to offer high-speed internet with good bandwidth connections to individual businesses and homes. DSL is a cost-effective internet solution that uses the same line as a regular telephone service. It has the capability to offer higher data speeds with the use of digital modems. Over the years, DSL has become a very reliable broadband internet service, able to meet consumer demands for high-speed web access. The following are the key advantages of DSL services over other forms of broadband internet solutions:

  • Higher speeds – DSL can deliver as much as 100 times the network performance speed and capability of a dial-up modem. Exact speeds of DSL services vary depending on the network capability as well as the type of service plan you have, but the majority of DSL connections can easily outperform standard modems. This is because essentially, DSL works on the high frequencies (unused frequencies) of a phone line. Their modems contain an in-built signal splitter, which directs voice signals to the lower (voice) frequencies and data signals to the higher (data) frequencies.
  • Always-on access – DSL connections are always "on," which means they are accessible anytime. Users don't have to go through the hassle of dialling their ISP every time they need or want to access the web. This, however, poses security issues, which makes it very important to install firewall products and similar types of security applications to prevent external attacks and guard networks from malicious web activities.
  • Talk and surf capability – With a DSL connection, you don't need to keep a second phone line to direct your voice signals to. With splitters sending data and voice signals to different frequencies or parts of the line, users, can enjoy simultaneous access to their computer and telephone.
  • Independent services – Just the same, loss of telephone service does not necessarily mean that you lose your high-speed data service, and vice versa. With other forms of internet delivery, access goes out whenever cable company repeater/amplifier dies.
  • Telecommuting – Telecommuting by integrating different systems and technologies is also easier, as DSL can easily interface with various telecom technology such as Nx64, WAN, and ATM.
  • Cheap services – In addition to higher bandwidth and other attractive advantages, DSL also affords cheaper line charges from providers, while offering exceptional speed patterns.

About The Author:
Internet Misr or Im-DSL is one of the best internet service providers in Egypt providing Dial-up services and different online solutions like web design & development, shared & dedicated web hosting, E-marketing and Search engine optimizations and more. It was founded in 2003 as an Egyptian joint stock company working in the field of information technology and date transfer services.

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