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Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Dec 18th 2010 at 6:42 AM

The 3 Components of Attraction Marketing...

Component # 1 Set Up Your Point-of-Contact "Web of Content" This is where the prospect finds you on the Internet from content you've created. You don't need a web site for this (although you can choose to have one). But there many locations to set up content without a cost or much hassle... there are many additional ways to set up content for a very low cost. You can set up content within an hour or so, even if it's your very first day and you're totally a non-techie type. Once you've done this a few times you can create new content that gets found all over the Internet very easily... setting up bait that your target market is interested in.

Component # 2 The Prospect Gives You Permission to Communicate. After prospects find your 'stuff' on the Internet, they're led to your lead capture pages. This is how you are receiving these messages from me. You landed on one of my capture pages and you opted-in for the information. What I'm trying to say is that YOU are proof that this attraction marketing process works. It works for me and it can definitely work for you. To keep things simple, most people start by using lead capture pages provided by a system.

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You CAN create your own lead capture pages if you want to. Prospects fill out your lead capture form and you have another prospect added to your list. This is more than just a typical lead because they already received value and started to get to know you from the Point-of-Contact marketing you set up. Now, this is all great. But to fully capitalize on what just happened you have to understand the next step. Your prospect just gave you permission to communicate with them. Now you want to communicate by continuing with the 'give before you receive' principle of providing more value so you can attract the prospect close to you and what you offer. Are you afraid you don't have anything to share? Well, you're wrong. You're just over complicating it.

Component # 3 Email Communication If you are just getting started you just want to create anything that comes to mind to begin. Over time you learn what types of things will attract more people. The first step is getting comfortable with setting some stuff up and getting out there on the web. Here are some examples of what you can talk about in your email communications: What experiences do you have in network marketing with cold calling or contacting friends and family? Share those experiences and suggest a new way. What experiences do you have in life that relate to network marketing--that could help others in their progress in business? Have you ever read a book or attended training from an industry coach (or listened to a CD or training resource)? If so, you can give your review. People will read it. And they are your target market (in this example). They will become interested in what else you do and offer. You can also do video--it's not as scary as you may think. :-) The key to success is providing value in the marketplace. Once someone is on your list (Component #3) you keep following the same principles we have been discussing here. You offer value in the form of topics or subjects of interest in the emails. This further builds the relationship. They may purchase affiliate products upon your recommendation (giving you cash flow while attracting these prospects to you). You have a lot of options. The goal in this target market is to ultimately get them calling and emailing you first... by offering value to them.

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