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What you should be doing with your GDI webspace - and more

Aug 3rd 2010 at 4:02 AM

This started life as a reply to someone else's discussion but got too detailed so I decided to make it a new article.


You cannot ignore the fact that everyone who does business online needs a personal domain name and IMO a website which gives them a 'personal brand'.  Establishing a relationship and trust is essential as a preface to getting them to join your business.

So, what needs to be taken into consideration when choosing a domain name? I don't think it matters one bit whether it is a .com or .ws, that has become a kind of stupid snobbery along the same lines as where you physically live.

You can choose to have a domain name that reflects your name, or that reflects the principal business you are in - or something else. In my case I already had a blog that reflected my SendoutCards business so I chose the same name for my .ws domain  - Mygreetings2u

As a fairly experienced web developer I do find it aggravating that the basic GDI product does not have C-panel and you can't use PHP/MySQL. However, it has to be said that those features are really 'advanced' and for a basic personal brand site, you just don't need them.

The GDI original sitebuilder was pathetically inadequate, then they introduced a better one, but you couldn't upgrade from one to the other without totally trashing the pages you had already built and it crashed frequently. At that point, I went hunting for some decent templates and did my own thing - because I could. I understand that it is a lot better now. Yes, there are many alternatives but they sometimes require a level of knowledge that people simply do not have when it comes to linking up what they have built elsewhere with their GDI domain.

The alternative is to re-direct to whatever else it is you are promoting, but that is very second-best. I would suggest that re-directing to your IM Faceplate page is better than that, and certainly better than just leaving your GDI domain pointing at GDI itself.  The instructions to do this are on your GDI menu and I think they are very simple.

If there are GDI members here who would like advice about what to do with their GDI domain and space, bring it on - I am happy to offer my skills to make the most of the service they have paid for. I'm not saying it would always be free advice and work, it depends on requirements.

Now, a word about team builds.

Powerpath GDI is NOT the only team-build on the block. I promote two other very good ones and I have to say that I have had outright hostile and abusive messages in my Sweeva profile inbox from Powerpath members because I dared to stick my head above the parapet and say there WERE alternatives. I have also heard bad things about what it is like inside Powerpath GDI, like they try to tell you what else you can and cannot promote and try to take over your life, people have left because of it. I have also seen ads from them that blatantly ignore GDI TOS.

I tried the Acme People Search product, it didn't work for me and I didn't get the $125 that was supposedly available as a guarantee. Enough said.

The two team builds I am in are Income Community and MyEzybiz. Both allow you to bring in your existing GDI account and do not break GDI TOS by trying to persuade you to delete your old account and sign again with them. Income Community also promotes TrafficWave and promises you 10 sign ups in each in 60 days from their advertising. In the last few days they have also added Rolution which I have yet to check out.

MyEzybiz offers other income streams in addition to GDI and I have joined one of them Fast Cash Frenzy which is doing well for me.

You will find more info and links to Income Community and MyEzybiz on my website - the link is in the IM Faceplate sidebar

Please to comment
Jan 4th 2011 at 4:38 PM by befocused
We Jenny what a turn up for the book, I have just left powerpath gdi, and cancelled my domain so have to wait 2 weeks before I can enrol under anyone else, I have other avenues I earn from when e-lottery was closed down a big part of my home income went with it, so happily looking for more eggs to go in my basket, may look at MyEzybiz
Oct 7th 2010 at 9:29 AM by kfgeorge
Hi Jenny. Your GDI article is very good and informative. I am not getting any signups with GDI yet, but I have not given up yet. I joined My Ezybiz with your referral link and am very happy with the program. I joined to use the GDI downline builder. I am getting lots of signups at EzyBiz, but not many referrals are activating their earning center. Do you have any suggestions or ideas about getting them to upgrade? Nice to see you on IM Faceplate. This is a great site.

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