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He's been involved in this field for almost four years trying all possible ways of earning money online and getting experience and skills.

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What to consider when choosing your hosting company

Jan 21st 2011 at 12:31 PM

Every online marketer sooner or later faces the need of creating a personal business website or blog. As an internet marketer we get to know very soon how vital it is to have your own place where you can connect with your readers or visitors and promote your business.

With the technology developing at its full speed, it is not so difficult to build up a website or blog even for a non-techie people.

One of the best ways of creating an internet presence is a blog. There are many advantages of the blogs over the ordinary websites. With a blog you don’t need to know website creating techniques such as html or php, as ready made templates and platforms easily meet your requirements.

I don’t want to dedicate this whole post to those systems as that is a completely different subject that I intend to address in the nearest future. I want to talk about the ways of realizing that blog project.

Of course, you can stick with the free Blogger or WordPress services if you do not want to spend a dime. But, if you are serious enough about becoming a successful online marketer then consider obtaining a separate domain name with the hosting package.

Now, there are many hosting companies out there all of which boasting with the features they have. What you should consider when choosing a right hosting company is revealed at this blog post. So, make sure you read this carefully.

Bear in mind that these suggestions are related to the paid hosting services only as there are free to choose from too, but that will be the subject of another post by me.

The first thing you should pay attention is reliability. You need to find out what is the guaranteed up time by either talking to the staff or finding some happy customers. The hosting companies usually reveal that up time percentage at their websites, so look for the figure not less than 99% if you want to be constantly online.

Then comes the bandwidth available to the customer websites. Remember that as your site will grow, so will the bandwidth usage. Do not believe if the hosting company says that it provides unlimited bandwidth as it is simply impossible with the growing number of the hosted sites. Note that the hosting company also pays for the bandwidth so this is another vital feature that you should carefully consider before making your choice.

If your site is going to be multimedia rich then you should seriously think of the disk space which comes third in the list of your considerations. Many hosting packages claim that they provide unlimited disk space. Well, again, you should not just believe them as it is simply impossible to hold unlimited disk space for the all personal websites.

If you want to provide useful content to your constant dwellers then you must ensure that your site is up and running round the clock. And if by any reasons you type your site’s url to the address bar and see nothing but the blank screen, the first thing you do is try to contact the support team. Yes, the support team must be always ready to solve your problems should anything happens out of the blue.

Yet another feature is your site’s security. Many hosting companies provide SSL, so you should consider choosing the right hosting if you intend to run online shopping or something else that involves the secure transactions.

Also pay attention to the features like multiple domains, sub domains, emails with your own domain name etc. These features are very valuable for the online marketing business.

I did not talk about the price of the packages at the beginning as I wanted to single out all the important features before mentioning this. So, of course price is also important and you should leverage between the features and the the price. Not all the cheap hosting companies are bad and you should definitely go through every one of them before making a final decision.

The bottom line is that you need to choose a decent hosting company with the reputation speaking for itself. Consider googling the company name and see if you can find customer reviews, forums or blog posts about the hosting companies that you consider to choose.

I have several hosting companies listed at my Income Sources page here which will definitely meet your requirements.

Do not forget that you success depends on the resources that you use to promote your business.

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