Trafficwala Offer Android Application Development At Cheap Price

May 8th 2014 at 3:30 AM

But just like every beautiful building and opulent palace is made from simple bricks laid side by side, even a great app at its very core is made up of a few basic elements, which need to be integrated in a systematic manner. Android application development is not a jump in the dark, but a series of logic based decisions. Here we will look at some of those elements.


Testing your application before you release it into the market, is a very, very important step in your app development process. In fact, ideally it would serve you well to test your app for any abnormalities along every step of the way and not wait until the end to try it out.

This way you have lower number of bugs to fix and also can spot the problems rather easily, since the number of modules involved is considerably less. Releasing an untested version of your app is a highly risky move and can lead to a number of confusing situations for you and your users.

If you want a truly objective and yet in depth test of your particular app, it would be a good idea to hire android developer from an independent firm. This will allow a technical person to put your app through its paces.

Of course, such a move is fraught with risk since the testing firm could rob you of your idea. So make sure the person doing the testing is someone you trust and can rely upon.

Responsive design

Having a responsive design for your app will go a long way in ironing out layout problems when the app is used across different devices or even different versions of Android. It is a one way ticket to freeing you from endless modifications to your basic app to make it ready for different platforms like tablets or PCs.

Though it may be a bit tough to get used to at first, once you get the hang of designing all your layouts using this philosophy, it will yield huge dividends for your app development process.

Good icon

Human beings are inherently visual animals, in the sense that they depend more on their sight than the other four senses. So if you want to make a strong impression on the users make sure you have a good icon designed for your app.

If you would look at the most famous apps like Whatsapp or even Temple Run, the first thing that comes to mind is their icons. It lets people instantly recognize the app, even though there may be hundreds of other apps in the list.


Product support is another vital cog in the wheel of mobile or web application development. It is not enough to draw in people to download your app, but to truly keep them using your app, you need to be present whenever they face an issue.

One of the hallmarks of a great app is the unmatched support that is offered with the app, get that spot on and you could never go wrong.

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