Take up VLSI Training in Noida and Land that Dream Job in a Chip Design and Manufacturing Firm

Jan 31st 2015 at 3:13 AM

For those interested in chip design, VLSI training in Noida is the way to go. Chip design and manufacturing is constantly being innovated. The need for speed, response, zero latency is becoming prominent, and manufacturing technologies are being redefined. Expanded as Very Large Scale Integration, this is an age-old concept of chip design, but being constantly redefined. Anyone with a strong technical aptitude, and interest in semiconductor technology, processors, and chip design can build a career in this discipline.

Knowledge areas for a career in VLSI

For freshers, who wish to enter this lucrative field, will need to understand basic to advanced concepts. Typically, having an electronics or computer science engineering background helps, but it does not mean those who don't have it cannot enter this industry. The following are the knowledge areas to master.

  • CMOS design – CMOS is the memory that is affixed on computer motherboards, and this memory is where BIOS settings are stored. Expanded as Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor, VLSI engineers need to know the various CMOS capacitance and resistance concepts. CMOS technology is used in static RAM, microprocessors, microcontrollers, etc. The design of this component includes several sub-specialties such as switching and leakage control, temperature ranging, static dissipation, and configuring complex logic functions.
  • Programming/scripting – Often a VLSI design course also include a PERL training course. This is because PERL is amongst several other technologies such as VHDL/Verilog, TCL scripting and UNIX scripting that is used in VLSI design. VHDL is used in front end VLSI design. PERL is a system side programming language and has widespread usage. UNIX shell scripts such as SH, BASH, etc. are used as well. Knowledge of C/C++ helps aspirants enter Electronic Design Automation (EDA) which is tightly coupled with VLSI. EDA is a set of software tools used for designing printed circuit boards, integrated circuits and such electronic systems.
  • Flip flops – These are combinational circuits used for storing binary information. Used extensively in VLSI design, advanced knowledge of these circuits is necessary. So brushing up on concepts such as edge and level triggered flip-flop/latches are crucial, before taking up a training program.
  • RTL synthesis – Also called logic synthesis, is using abstraction techniques to derive circuit behavior. Based on the analysis of the circuit behavior, it is turned into a design implementation. Programming tools such as VHDL and Verilog are used for this purpose.

Career in VLSI design

At present, the world is tapping into the potential of India and its manpower to build-out chip designing units. Already, there are scores of chip design firms, and more are to come. The increase in demand for innovative consumer electronics worldwide is proliferating chip sales. Therefore, with rapidly evolving technology, this discipline is the one to look out for in the future. Aspirants need not waste any time in taking up a VLSI training in Noida.

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