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Dec 17th 2010 at 1:51 PM

Sometimes making the argument to Tribes that investing time and money and other resources into creating an online community for purposes of Social Media Optimization can be very challenging. Because of this, I'm sure you will need all of the friendly support you can find.

A very good way to communicate this to the Tribe is the blatant use of statistics. Social Media Statistics can give your Tribe the picture they need. This way they can see the value by viewing who's using Social Media Optimization and how they are using it. Thanks to the fact that there are lots of new studies being done and posted every day, you can make the case to help them get involved.

It's actually surprising that there is such an low amount of common knowledge about Social Media Demographics Optimization. Considering the amount of internet users and what they seem to be doing.

What it really means is there is no excuse now for marketers to make the wrong decisions about how to use Social Media Optimization or Social Media Statistics. It will help to open up incorrect beliefs and prevent inaccurate statements and beliefs from happening.

Non performance in the area of growth and change in rank of social media platforms may be resulting in a lackadaisical attitude toward the technology. This could be damaging to your brands attitude because of being perceived wrong or perhaps because you need to get updated information out to your audience.

Just in the way of example: social networking has grown about 90% in the last few years, even though time watching TV is unchanged. This seems to mean that groups are slow in their adoption of social media marketing into their marketing mix. According to one major survey , marketers still consider this industry experimental and are not budgeting more than a few percent for social media marketing.

One of the large communications research bureaus just published a report that contains several case studies that show how Social Media Optimization has benefited several large organizations. One of the finding 's they made was that Social Media is rapidly becoming the a key kernel for the dissemination of information. Almost 60% of early adopters of Social Media Optimization say that Social Media Tools are becoming more valuable to their activities, while about 30% or so say that social media optimization is a core element of their marketing and communications plan.

Now, Tribes that are especially interested in Social Media Statistics can, of course, go to places like Comscore. They had released some statistics showing that Social Media had grown worldwide and continues to grow worldwide. Worldwide, Social Media Optimization seems to be growing at about 25%, with large increases in Europe and the Middle East.

So now you know. The truth is out there. You don't have any excuses for not being SMO savvy. You and your Tribe can no longer be unsure of where Social Media fits for your audience. Currently , failing to understand how our increasingly active social world challenges us and benefits our brand has become an act of shortsightedness or deliberate ignorance that threatens marketing perception, brand value, market share, and the bottom line.

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