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Is the web design industry dead as a consulting field? How I am surviving the death of the web design field.

Aug 3rd 2011 at 4:26 AM

I have been designing websites for 15 years and have designed over 300 websites. Yes, I am proud, but I am not proud of what has happened to the web design consulting field.

When I first got into the web design industry in 1995, very few people knew that the internet even existed. It was a good time to be a web designer back then. I was charging an average of $15,000 per website and those small and medium size businesses who could afford it paid for it without any problem. There was not much competition back then.

When it came to breaking into the web design field in 1995, most people thought HTML was a programming language and did not want to learn it or they just did not want to learn how to become computer programmers. Most people did not realize that HTML was not a programming language at all, but I did not care since I was getting some nice priced clientele.

Then, in 1997, when Microsoft purchased Front Page from a company called Veneer and Dreamweaver came out a year later, all of the web designers started coming out of the woodworks. Most people did not know how to design a website, but when these programs came out, I knew the competition would increase and my profitability would decrease.

Now, being in 2011, to get a website, business owners can use free programs or monthly subscriptions for under $5 per month. They can hire programmers from overseas in India, Indonesia, and Pakistan. It seems that since small business owners are aware of this, they have gotten more demanding and much more for pennies on the dollar.

It also seems that search engine optimization experts are making very little money nowadays since web designers proclaim to "do it all" for their clients, even though some web design firms no nothing about web design or search engine optimization.

What I have done is specialize. I now concentrate on the following while maintaining a nice profit margin:

  1. Developing database driven website programs that will work for anyone's websites in over 18 web application development languages.
  2. Developing Facebook applications that allow website designers and business owners extend their Facebook reach and interactivity with over 500 million Facebook members.

  3. Teaching people remotely through online computer seminars over 35 computer technologies including Microsoft Office, web programming, search engine optimization, and social media marketing at

  4. Developed my own content management system to compete with Joomla and Drupal called Butane at

  5. Releasing my own innovative websites like the following: 
    Social Media Directory that allows people to add all their social networking profiles all at once so other do not have to connect individually making everyone's lives easier. Check out the Long Island Social Media Directory at
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Aug 7th 2011 at 4:21 PM by GTBulmer
Hi, Bruce: Great article! Thanks for sharing your experience and insight on the topic of web design from the beginning of the Internet.

A similar thing has happened for professional writers: in the beginning, companies valued the skill of an experienced writer. Then programs were developed to help people with their writing, and today, everybody is a writer! (Or, so they think.) Fortunately, professional companies still recognize the value and purpose of a professional writer. ;-) GT

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