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If You Have to Have a Web Site and You Do?

Jul 18th 2010 at 2:50 PM

GDI is a Great Hosting Company, Marketing Tool, and Income Producer!


When a person first takes a serious look at building an Internet Business, the question arises, "Do I need my very own web site and where do I get it?" Well the short answer is that it really does not matter if the company is reliable and delivers on their promise but Yes, You Need a Web Site or even multiple sites as we shall explore. Deb and I kinda accidentally came across Global Domains International six years ago this coming Novermber, 2010. We are indeed very pleased with GDI and higly recommend them to others as well. Our Internet Marketing Experience evolved slowly as it does most people. I mentioned in another article that a friend sent me a link to GDI and simply said, "Sam, let's get rich with this". We were highly involved in three seperate conventional businesses at the time and I really did not see making a lot of money with a $10 per month web site business, little did I know, huh? A few weeks later it was recommended by a brother that we should start a simple web site about all the places that Deb and I traveled to as well as some of the little diners and cafes that we had discovered along the way. We did of course and the thinking began to change pretty quick about this GDI thing when my nephew needed a simple site for his Car Racing. So we have over the last almost six years learned to use GDI in many different ways that I will touch on here and may give you some ideas to increase your GDI Business as well.

GDI as a hosting company:

Reliability in a web site becomes very important as soon as your site goes down and you don't know why. Over the last almost six years, our GDI site burped once that I can remember on a Saturday night and we immediately received an email from GDI explaining why and very shortly all was well. We were using GDI for two of our conventional businesses that were merged into another company and we just simply canceled the site and the $10 stopped with no long term committment. So the short answer is that you can depend on GDI as your hosting company, they are very reliable.

GDI as a tool:

Deb and I have several GDI sites. I have one on my account and the rest we do on Deb's account for obvious reasons. It's a commission thing, lol. She signed up under me. Why do we have several? We have three with sites built on them using Front Page, simple to do. We have two that I occassionaly redirect to an affiliate link using GDI's new masking feature, the affiliate link does not show up even after someone goes to the site, cool feature huh. It is masked with the GDI URL. One GDI URL is redirected to a EasyHits4U Rotator or Royal Surf Rotator with our Acme People Search Splash Page that we created with AdKreator. Cool huh? The FTP (File Transfer Protocol) with GDI is unbelievably easy to do using your GDI User Name and Password with Internet Explorer. Just log in to your GDI back office and tell it you want to build your own site and FTP it and they will send you the How To Instructions, pretty easy to do. You can redirect a site in just a few seconds and works great too. So you see there are multiple advantages to using GDI as a Marketing Tool.

GDI as an Income Producer:

Over the last almost six years, GDI has continued to be a very good income producer for us. You can spend a lot of time and money marketing just GDI, we certainly have done that. You can also build GDI over the long haul with people that are first looking for a web site and also the Tool itself. Deb and I have quite a few people that use just the tool it self and are not interest as of yet in going for the gold. Of course some will some day. I also know that there are several GDI Down Line Building Systems on the net right now that are advertising like crazy every where. My only concern about some of the down line builders is that they want you to either quit and sign in under one of their members or open an addition GDI Account. All I will say about that is this, Loyalty is Critical to a Long Term Sustainable Business on the Internet. Our APS Business does not require you to do that and I was very thankful that Tissa did it this way. I guess I am saying this, if you already have a GDI Account, for God's sake and your long term future, stay! This will probably raise some eyebrows, but that is tough. The simple solution is start your own down line builder then, it is not rocket science. So back to the income production, we also use business cards and a GDI URL on the back of Deb's 4-Runner. You will have people with sites for genealogy, hobbies, Bible Study as Deb's Mom, regular businesses, racing teams, flower shops, etc; and etc;. Use your imagination on and off the Internet and slowly you will build a Solid Monthly Income with GDI. Even conventional Network Marketing People love a redirected GDI Site, hint!


I hope my take and use of GDI makes sense to you. GDI is a great business, tool and hosting company if you don't get blind sided by just one of the advantages and benefits, use them all. If you are in GDI, Stay. If you are not, find a friend that you trust and join.0

Here's to your long term success.

Sam Burgess

Loving the Internet from an RV park somewhere!

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