How to make a beutiful website

Aug 19th 2010 at 11:28 PM

It is important to add all of the ingredients to a recipe in order for the end result to come out how it should, the same goes for making a website. It is important to have all your elements in place i.e. navigation, content, promos etc. Too often we have had clients all wrapped up in the ‘pretty’ and look of the site and not the functionality. They have lots of images, pretty flashy scrollers, wonderful, but it takes you a few minutes just to figure out where the navigation is, or where the heck you are on the site. There are several ‘ingredients’ to making a ‘good’ website, I have taken what I think is the top 5 most important elements of making a beutiful website.

Poor organization is a dead give away of a poor site. Have you ever noticed when you read the news paper, all the ‘juicy’ stories are at the top, you know, above where the fold is? Well, this is how you have to think when you are presenting information on your site, you want the most important info to be right there, up top, front and center to the viewers eye. Navigation should be user friendly and visitors should find it easy to get around your site. Let’s not make them dig for that important information they are looking for. You wouldn’t serve stale food at a party would you? Well, not if you wanted your friends to come back to the next gathering. It is important to keep your site fresh for your visitors, and for engines actually, but on my note, it again, gives them reason to come back to your site, if you are offering quality content, then they will be eager to come back and see what’s new in your world.

The average surfer wont wait more than 20 seconds, if that, for your page to load, so yes, images are nice, but if used execessively, or in large file size, by the time it loads, the viewer will be gone. This doesn’t mean you have to have an essay of text, I mean, yes, we want to keep them at the site, but not by result of them falling asleep from boredom. You want to add images, just enough to catch attention, keep them interested. Yet, not over done to the point that that message you are trying to get out is being blind sided.

Whether its filling in a simple contact form, or having a weekly poll. You could certainly go into more depth, like forums and the like, but even the small simple things work. You want your visitors to feel they are ‘part’ of the site; they have a purpose to being there.

Always craft original and embracing content. It is YOU and your personality that will build the brand of your website.

Spend a lot of time trying to learn how to capture your audience, what is it that will make them remember you and more importantly, want to return to your site. Don't present your site as you would a business idea to one of your buddies at the water cooler, you need to really stop and think how the customer is looking at it. This is one of those times you need to think outside the box.

Well that sums it up for my cooking lesson of the day. Remembering, conjuring up new design ideas (recipe) is great, just make sure you use all of the main ingredients correctly.

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Sep 16th 2013 at 12:28 PM by empressone
Lots of valuable information
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I wanna to learn about how make a website.

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