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Free Energy research overunity alternative green power
Free Energy | hartiberlin

How free energy and alternative green energy production will change the world

Jul 15th 2010 at 1:21 PM

Free energy is energy which may be directly utilized (and returned) by a device from the

surroundings (electromagnetic free energy is sometimes referred to as radiant energy). 

In the simplest sense, FREE ENERGY is any energy that is provided by the Natural World. 
So, FREE ENERGY is also any energy we can use at NO COST. 

There is a misunderstanding:
Free Energy is not Overunity. 
In the sense that free energy is available now, the contemporary establishment is

confronted with something it does not want to understand, because in its understanding all

other realities are shattered. 
Energy which may be directly utilized (and returned) by a device from the surroundings

(electromagnetic free energy is sometimes referred to as radiant energy). 

Because these individuals and institutionsare employed by the ruling elite to forecast the

future and satisfy presentneeds and demands, it is clear that free energy is a threat to the

worldorder constructed by business and the mindset of those who want to ownthe world. 

The fact that free energy is suppressed speaks to the greedand self-interest of a ruling elite

which, even in the face of an emergencyof global starvation, resource depletion and

environmental pollution, willnot give one inch if it means loss of control. 

Experiments have proven that the aether exists, and that it is engineerable,even to the

extent that gravity is controllable, free energy is possible,superluminal energy/information

transfer is readily accomplished, and aplethora of new inventions in energy generation,

transportation, andcommunication are now being engineered for the marketplace. 

Free energy is no toy -- it is a planet-changing technology that could be used for either

tremendous good or endless evil.


By 'free energy,' we refer to energy systems that tap into inexhaustible, ubiquitous, and

clean sources of energy generation, such as solar, wind, tide, and geothermal, but also

non-conventional avenues such as zero point energy, radiant energy, cold fusion, and

magnet motors. 
Energy is energy, whether static or dynamic. 
Energy wants to be converted from useful forms to useless forms. 
Energy storage can be accomplished in two fashions:
(i) by doing work on the system to change its physical form, as in charging a capacitor by

dielectric strain, or
(ii) simply changing the inherent potential energy of the system directly without system


Energy-flow does not explicitly appear anywhere in Maxwell�s publications; the notion that

energy flowed through space was exceeding novel to all of physics when developed by

Heaviside and Poynting. 

Energy cannot be created or destroyed even though it can take differentforms such as heat

energy, electrical energy or kinetic energy. 

As your electric bills will now show no consumption, it will be reasonable to conclude that

you are getting free energy =). 

Extracting power from the vast sea of energy that surrounds us is no more perpetual

motion than a photovoltaic cell.  It is a conversion of energy from one form into another

form that is usable -- not the creation of energy out of nothing.  Devices that are sometimes

billed "free energymachines" or machines are anything but free.


Classical science tells us that this is impossible.  Learn what science really has to say

about the issue.  Discovering not just Perpetual motion, but and it would almost have to be,

"greater than perpetual motion" would be more important and ground breaking than almost

every discovery in science.  Oneof my first discoveries, after having graduated from

University, was thatscience and scientists in general were controlled in their activities

bymanagers and political influences originating from individuals with nointrinsic knowledge

of science.  Thisensured the control of science and scientists could be maintained by

money.  With the discovery of the splitting of the atom and thepossibility of military power

based on the atomic bomb, the tenor of sciencechanged.


Do we really have to wait until the current technology passes before we can, as a planet,

have free energy.  The problem is that when huge changes in technology happen rapidly,

they can be very disruptive to society.  Worse still, a lot of the technology involved in

energy production and efficiency has lifespans on the scales of decades, and is more

expensive to retrofit than it is to build in from the start.  By clean we mean that during

operation the technology produces no emissions.  By constant we mean that with the

exception of mechanical failure the technology will continue to operate indefinitely.  I think

the technology itself has some potential, but as has already been said on here somewhere,

the units are always seen just driving themselves perpetually, but they never have any

load attached.


This may include energy sources that you are familiar with, such as solar panels or wind

generators, but also could include amazing technologies like a car powered by water-fuel, a

battery charger powered by Gravity, or a home heating system powered by the Earth.  An

Overunity generator would have a higher output in energy than input.  The magnetic force

field need to be strong enough to keep the rotation such that the generator can produce

enough electricity for appliances.


Every once in a while I come across a paper or article while surfing the web whichclaims

that it is possible to tap into the free energy which is available from the earth'smagnetism,

or from some other magnet.  Magnets in it self do not produce energy.  Sure, in order to

magnetize a magnet, energy needs to be put into it.  Thisis done when a large current is

pulsed through a coil in which the material to bemagnetized sits.  The result of this pulse of

current, which contains a certainamount of energy that can be measured, is to enlarge the

magnetic domains which areparallel with the magnetic field within the material being

magnetized.  Magnetism is centrifuging thespiral arms of our galaxy at tremendous speeds

outward from the core as riversof dark light (space)  implode inward through both galactic

poles.  You can understand, discuss and experiment in all fields of magnetics and

permanent magnetic materials.  Bearden and his colleagues have proposed a simple

modification to the magnetic Wankel engine (Takahashi Motor[31]) which he claims would

deliver "over-unity performance" through asymmetrical regauging.  What willcause the

magnetic domains to shrink again.  (Adiabaticcooling does capture some of the heat energy

due to the overall magnetic domainsbecoming random, but it requiresenergy to be put into

the material first.  So be it solar or electro-magnetic, please make it personal and portable

with batteries that keep going and.


Physics has been "destroyed" time and again by "impossible"discoveries, but it has

continued regardless.  Physics concerns itself heavily with the mechanics of events in

nature.  Often, however, a new set of rules of physics are being discovered in theprocess. 

In physics, the term thermodynamic free energy denotes the total amount of energy in a

physical system which can be converted to do work, in particular:.  No physics laws broken

here, only moral codes.  When the Wright brothers (those uneducated bike mechanics that

invented or lets just say flew a glider with an engine) were building that first plane which

well known physics professors at the time were busy writing books on how man could

never fly in a sustained fashion, but glide downhill at best.  Good thing the Wright brothers

were not reading all the bashing of physics improbabilities of the time….


Electrical field energy (charge flux) is flowing from the vacuum out of one end of the dipole,

and from the other end back to the vacuum � all driven by the seething vacuum.  Electrical

engineers often treat their stationary networks, rotating machines, and microwave

electronic devices as a collection of impedance elements Z without decomposing Z into its

RLC components.  Electric appliances are designed to run on the discharge of electric

potential from high to low, as in the draining of a battery to power a load.  This reaction

requires the input of energy (electrical in this case).  There are many forms of

energy:electricalmechanicalchemicalbut all forms are ultimately converted into heat.  *

Energy at no cost, like mechanic energy which drives wind mill, or light in solar cell which

is transormed into DC electric current, i.  Remaining so-far-unexploited forces of nature

which are well documented in the scientific literature include telluric currents, atmospheric

electricity, earth batteries, and pressure system changes.  If you are thinking of a box that

will output electricity with no input (or some other useable energy medium) then the answer

is.  If, instead of the solar panel, we had a device which absorbs some of the energy which

Quantum Mechanics observes and gives out, say, electrical power, would that be so


This website is dedicated to clarifying exactly what free energy is, how it works and how it

can be applied in your everyday life.  Free energy is a valuable concept because it

allowsone to determine whether a reaction will proceed and allows one to calculatethe

equilibrium constant of the reaction which defines the extent to which areaction can

proceed.  Free Energy is now commercial with its products entering the multi-billion dollar

energy technology markets.  Using the potential energy of magnets to produce a clean and

free energy is really worth exploring and developing very seriously for the future of our

planet.  Remember this day, for free energy is now becoming a reality on Earth.

For more information about free energy visit the following

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Nov 16th 2010 at 7:36 PM by judyhwright
Wow, you really have a lot to say on this subject. Thank you for sharing with IMFaceplate. jhw
Sep 3rd 2010 at 4:39 PM by TimRR
wow way to go on this information

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