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Feb 7th 2011 at 9:00 PM

When you're asleep at night, away on vacation, or simply watching TV ... how do you know that your hosted web sites are working?

I haven't seen any of the high end hosting, so I haven't seen any with Service Level Agreements (SLAs).  However, many boast of reliability in the 4 9's range (e.g., 99.99%).  My experience with three of the commonly listed top ten has been with a reliability significantly less than that (one even had a three day outage).

Don't get me wrong, I like cloud computing. You can be sure that am hoping (I'm somewhat of a hopeless dreamer) that they're using a VMware-type environment, and clustering the hosting of my sites.  Somehow, I know that really aren't ... which get's us back to the inital question ... How do you know?

Solution:  FREE Automated Web Host Monitoring and Reporting

The answer is simple, free, and more reliable than any of the hosts.  I use a FREE service called Free Web Monitoring.  A simple registration (no credit card required);  identification the web sites you wish to monitor (I'm monitoring three at the moment); and where the alert notifications should be sent (I'm sending mine to, which is a gmail group which in turn notifies me personally) and initiates a trouble ticket with my SaaS Help Desk automatically.

The rest happens behind the scene.  Free Web Monitoring checks the sites every hour (every twenty minutes with the paid subscription) and notifies you via email (or SMS) if an outage occurs.  Information in the email includes:  date and time of outage, nature of the outage (description and error code, if appropriate), and name of the site.

Free Web Monitoring then starts testing the site with more frequency (I think every 10 minutes) until it finds the site working again.  Then it sends a Recovery Alert.  That message includes date/time, site, and time in error.

It's really quite wonderful.  You have an email log, a help desk log that can be annotated with information gleened from your host as to the root cause of the outage and what has been done to remedy the situation.

Now I can sleep peacefully at night, knowing my sites are in good hands.

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Oct 5th 2012 at 10:46 AM by troy48
like your article, helpful info

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