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Free Video/Audio Chat Technology

Sep 16th 2011 at 11:43 AM

Free Video conferencing Hosting, Instant Website, Online Shop (e-commerce hosting),Video Conferencing hosting

Conference Controls
Conference Controls provide the Host complete control over all aspects of the web conference.
Much like traditional conference rooms and teleconferencing, web conferencing supports a
hierarchy: hosts, presenters and participants. Participants need only sit back and relax.
Presenters have full use of the Share menu (i.e., they can share presentations and documents, etc.), but they cannot change attributes of the conference room (i.e., enable/disable/change audio, video), promote, demote and expel users. Only the host, or hosts, have these rights.
It’s easy for the host, just right click on any user (or object), and get a short list of settings.

Manage audio and video
Open or close entry (to scheduled conferences)
PowerPoint presentation
To share a PowerPoint presentation, open the presentation on your desktop, go to the App
Sharing Menu and select the presentation. You can do this at anytime; there is no need to pre-stage or previously up-load your presentations. When you Share a PowerPoint presentation, it is compressed at the Presenter’s PC, then dynamically sent to the server, and then all participants. The presentation is cached at the participant, so the presenter can change slides instantly. When going back and forth often, there is also a bandwidth conservation benefit, as only the page change commands go over the Internet.

Share a Document
To share a document, open the document, go to the App Sharing menu and select the document.
You can share Microsoft Word, Excel and virtually any usable document on your PC. Document sharing works just like PowerPoint sharing, once you share the document, it is dynamically sent to the server and then all participants. The presenter can flip through pages instantly, and even pages with rich text, graphics and images display nice and clean.

Microsoft Word, Excel
Plus virtually any usable document
Graphics, text and images
Presenter can change pages instantly
You can share a document anytime
You can even share multiple documents
Application Sharing
Share any application by going to the App Sharing menu and selecting the Application. You will be prompted to select from a list of applications already running on your PC, simply click on the one you want to share. To stop sharing, simply go back to the App sharing menu and uncheck the application.

*Note the lasso around the application being shared;
and the Stop Sharing button on the upper-right.

Share any application
The presenter and all participants view the application being shared (not just two parties)
If desired, the presenter can even allow remote users keyboard and mouse input
You can share an application even while sharing other documents and conducting a multiparty audio and video conference Web Page Viewing
Open the web page you want seen, Select App Sharing and choose the browser window you want to share. Everyone will see the same browser display as you do. You can use this feature to show web sites, visit web pages and a wide variety of co-browsing applications. It sure beats trying to say a long complicated URL over the phone, or trying to explain where to click to go next!

Easy to start
Fast, real-time response! The desktop compression and real-time engine has been used in this application for years. It’s just like looking over somebody’s shoulder
Multiparty. You and all your participants see the desktop being shared
If desired, participants can request, or you can grant remote control Multi-party Video
Our system includes seamlessly integrated, full-featured, multiparty video. The host can
manage all aspects of the video session, including size, quality (lo, med, hi) and frame rate (1-30 fps), plus the ability to change the settings at any end-point in real-time! Nowhere are the strengths of our system’s real-time technology more visually stunning than in a multiparty video conference while sharing multiple documents and presentations.

Host can manage all end-point (video origination) settings (size, quality & fps)
Host can allow participants to choose to watch video, or ‘show’ (force all to watch)
Select video conferencing only layout or …
If allowed, use dockable tabs to arrange video dialog box(es) to your viewing preference




Most people know the meaning of video chat and how its revolutionizing the communication industry as a whole, some may not be fully aware of what the webcam chat is and people are eventually getting bored of email, forums, chat rooms and instance messengers, so video technologies where next to aid communication medium. Video chat came about rather quickly once the designers of technology set their minds to develop it and there was reason for this,mainly due to bandwidth restrictions at the time limiting people to dial-up connections which are too narrow for quality video and audio sampling to stream over successfully. The new features on the IM systems allow video and audio calling with other users, its was alright but it was wasn’t winning any awards so the programs designed with the video and audio chat has to be central features.



In recent times, the most infamous of web chat communication involving webcams are actually the browser powered modern sites, these are the newest implementation of video,audio and webcam technology. Web pages never worked that effectively for interactivity until flash and more recently HTML 5 came along, with the aid of this new web technologies higher level programming is now available to develop high-end applications. However, its time to take free webcam chat more serious because there are new and upcoming technologies which can stand to benefit from this innovation in the long run, With video and audio chat like this the stay at home work environment will become a much viable work environment than in the past.



As this technology continues to improve and be experimented with, the world stands to be a more profitable and less depressing place in the foreseeable future. So while free video/audio and webcam chat was once a source of mainly humor and a toy, modern and future implementations will show this to be a serious achievement in communication. We are not done seeing new achievement and progress in the video communication field.



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