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3 years ago

Cementing the digital wall concept - getting it down from a fine art to a commercial reality.

Jul 10th 2011 at 12:57 PM

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There has been a way of displaying a message to the public that is villainized and shunned as a unsightly nuisance to our environment and we have all seen it at some point or another in our lives! We are talking about graffiti and fly postering, usually undertaken by companies that are looking to advertise to a general audience at a minimum cost, in places that receive frequent footfalls and by youths and gangs marking territory. What if there was a way to satisfy these requirements without getting put in prison? Well thanks to the wonderful power of the internet it is possible and many webmasters have been trying to make it a reality for quite a few years - with mixed success!

Why have website creators been unsuccessful?
There have been and are many attempts online to digitise this real world phenomenon - some are quite interesting and the closest that have made money are pixel pages. The common reasons will be of technical issues or individual lack of knowledge of how to market a business online and they give up. As the title suggests it’s a problem of turning an artistic representation into a useful online resource that regular website and business owners can use and benefit from. So in order to be successful commercially such a site will need an above average visitor rate and equally high ranking in searches.

Can fly posters and graffiti be made popular on the internet?
If the right sort and amount of people began to realise the real world and online potential of such a way of advertising than perhaps it would become popular. If you consider the reach of any highly visited site of say a million a month then that would make the real world equivalent seem pointless. Banner advertising is a mainstay of any online advertising campaign and are found on nearly every site but going back to the "wall", "graffiti" and "fly poster" ideas wouldn’t you say it's the same practice? So beyond the artistic side of the concept any site with this idea would need to approach it from a useful SEO and advertising viewpoint and utilise current trends in social and video marketing.


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