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All you need to know about web hosting!

Aug 16th 2015 at 3:03 AM

Web hosting refers to uploading a website over the internet. There exist several genres of hosting services, each for personal and business use. Before choosing any particular, identify requirements of the page for accurate decision. Creating a globally accessible website is easy if you’ve an idea, own a domain name and have an excellent web hosting plan. Thanks to eHDF web hosting for such useful insights.

Before you start crafting the site, pick a hosting plan whether it’s shared or dedicated. Shared web hosting is most common as it comes with an affordable price tag however limits server access. Dedicated hosting on the contrary has various add-on features and customisable options that are ideal for larger sites and big budgets.

Almost all web hosting companies accumulate servers on which you can store your website making it accessible from anywhere, anytime. Free web hosts may be effective for those with tight budget, especially when creating personal sites. Still, it’s worth noting that free hosting has fewer support and scarce resources other than paid servers.

Domain names & hosting plans
You need to register a domain name before implementing web-hosting plan. Companies may offer bundle services but you can opt for two separate parts from different vendors. While researching, you’ll find much better price or rare top domains like “.tv, .us” that aren’t sold to every registrar. When buying the domain separately, set name servers over domain registrar’s site! Steps may change from one site to another so check yours for clarification.

Shared hosting
With shared hosting, your website is placed among many others over the same server hardware. Though setup is pocket-friendly, you have scarce or simply no control over hardware and software that puts website’s credibility at risk. It however offer perks in form of unlimited bandwidth and multiple domain name support.

Major setback is slow processing time; as every other person is connected to the site, you’ll experience frequent hang-ups. Lest a website with complex script and accruing too many users at the same time, web host may restrict access or suggest immediate upgrade to dedicated services. You may consider cloud hosting providing lucrative solutions to businesses and individual users.

VPS & dedicated hosting
Though expensive, dedicated hosting provides peace of mind since you no need to worry about restricted storage and bandwidth. You may install custom software as well! When commencing a small business or even a blog page, shared hosting suits most but with time with business growth and possibly globalised services, you’ll certainly need dedicated hosting. Lest your existing service needs configuration or planning to redesign the entire website, talk to Web host and request for package upgrade. You might stumble upon web hosts selling virtual private servers (VPS) however it doesn’t provide any additional CPU resource.

Website positioning
Creating a website from scratch requires significant time investment, exceptional knowledge of web design and coding with practical implementations. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel as content management systems (CMS) like MediaWiki, WordPress, Drupal and others are backbone of a site’s success. Most web hosts cater one-click installation of CMS but if yours doesn’t, custom download any CMS, follow the guidelines, create exceptional websites and place them over the web for global audience. WordPress and Drupal goes well with sites having permanent content and limited authors; blog page for instance. MediaWiki works perfectly with recently modified pages like Wikipedia.

Self hosting
Hosting a website from home sounds utterly easy, time and cost saving but you must’ve in-depth tech knowledge and practical experience. Ignoring the guidelines or incorrect server setting makes your site open to hacker and other cyber criminal activities. In-order to proceed with these DIY hosting, you should own a server hardware and a long list of visitors for long-term survival. Check with your internet service provider (ISP) prior running a server. Unless you’ve subscribed to business-class plan, avoid self hosting for good.

Not all web hosts are for every type of customer such as shared hosting provider for a growing business. Carefully learn about a company’s specialty or targeted services before you purchase a hosting package. Understand the requirements, make a long-term strategic plan and make SWOT analysis beforehand to invest in the right package. Read reviews and recommendations on blog pages and different websites for assurance.

Technical specifications
Figure out the purpose of website’s existence. Is it to host a blog, e-commerce website or multimedia content? If yes, you need a powerful solution that only dedicated hosting provides but be ready to make serious investments. Cheap hosting in contrast comes with limited processing power, space and probably no RAM. Other drawbacks can be slow downloading and frequent page crash.

Customer reviews
Often ignored, customer feedback is a crucial component for research and for reputation. Search Google blogs for hosting company or simply view their social media pages on Facebook, Twitter to see what users are saying. Consider these questions as well;

- Is it easy to contact support services?

- How long you’ve to wait for getting the issue resolved?

- How they respond to a potential problem?

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