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10 Greatest Myths about Cloud Security

Sep 30th 2015 at 3:21 AM


Even though it hasn’t been long since the Cloud saw the light of day, it has already become an integral part of most businesses, be they small or intercontinental. But along with its popularity, grew the potentially irrational fear of the system’s security issues. With the big question of whether or not the cloud-based platforms are truly that insecure, we’ve gathered information that will help you come up with your own conclusion regarding their security issues.

  • Spies! Spies everywhere! – Seeing as how the whole idea of the Cloud is sharing, it only comes as natural that a degree of prejudice should exist among its users, potential or otherwise. Even though tenants do share storage, processing and other computer services within data centers, the fact that users of a public cloud are on the same server, doesn’t mean that they’re not isolated from each-others’ virtual machines. If you’re still worried, opt for storing sensitive data on a private cloud platform.

  • Cloud is getting less and less secure – Even though years 2012 and 2013 have seen an increase in vulnerability scans, the growth in security checks in general doesn’t necessarily prove that the number of threats have followed in suit.

  • Cloud security maintenance is borderline impossible – In truth, cloud is simply a network – it doesn’t require any more or less maintenance. However, as a consequence of this myth, business owners often opt for no safety maintenance for the sake of their business, which can end up with infiltration and security breaches.

  • We’re not using the Cloud at all, so we’re safe – On the previous note, some companies refuse to use the system in question to begin with. However, going online in the first place means that you’ve agreed to a certain level of threat, whether you’re aware of it or not.

  • I have no control of the location of my data – While, in truth, you do depend on local CPS’s, you still are in control of your data travel, in fact, remote login software has become a common thing when it comes to cloud-based systems, so tracking it has been made significantly easier.

  • I can’t be held responsible – it would be good for you to know that by choosing to use a cloud-based system, you’re agreeing to the terms that it implies. This means that you’re responsible for password policies, software patches, staff security training and the like.

  • Cloud data isn’t stored on mobile phones – Every time you choose the “Agree” option on your smartphone, you’re allowing the app in question to gather data, which is stored inside your mobile device.

  • Cloud management isn’t my responsibility – It is a common misconception that safety services are managed by someone else, just because the cloud infrastructure is usually a managed service. In reality, sharing platforms require just as much security management as any other data center would.

  • I have physical control of data, therefore I’m safe – In truth, the foundation of cloud security is visibility, rather than control. Instead of keeping an eye on your data, focus on file encryption.

  • My data is my property – While this might be true in the offline world, the moment you choose to share your files and information, you enter a world of cross border jurisdictional issues. Seeing as how not all countries share the same laws, it would be good to gather some info about this potential headache.

We hope that these myths we’ve busted for you will help you form your own opinion about the Cloud. In any case, we recommend taking the necessary security measures and remaining vigilant of potential breaches.

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