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WorldVentures’ International Expansion

Nov 20th 2010 at 11:33 AM

For many successful direct selling companies, international development marks the logical next step in their goal for continued growth. In the current recession, however, many American companies are cautious about venturing into unfamiliar territory. In fact, most are understandably focused on protecting their current domestic business, mindful that international ventures can be very challenging, even during the best of times.

Dramatic changes in the world economy and a shifting international environment have created great opportunities for direct selling companies. To succeed internationally, a company must provide products and solutions that match consumer needs, create sound expansion strategies and execute them well, while always staying on top of the ever-changing markets, cultural differences and, especially, the competition. This may be a tall order, but the leadership of WorldVentures takes a coordinated approach to make it all happen.

Chris Brincat and Matt Morris at the recent Malta Regional Meeting.
Chris Brincat and Matt Morris at the recent Malta Regional Meeting.

WorldVentures has been evaluating the European markets for some time, and it is clear that the demand for travel will continue to be very strong. The WorldVentures product, the DreamTrips membership, is one suited especially well for Europeans, who are offered considerably more annual vacation time and travel much more than Americans. For a nominal initial cost, and a small monthly fee, DreamTrips members are given access to an extensive calendar of pre-packaged, five-star vacations at deeply discounted prices.

Affordable luxury travel is something that appeals to people from all lifestyles, in every country, across every demographic. With that in mind, WorldVentures decided the recession shouldn’t be a hurdle to their expansion ambitions, but rather a launch pad.

“The global market place presents a significant opportunity for company growth, and certain international markets are ideal locations for the WorldVentures opportunity,” says Kyle Lowe, Director of International Expansion. “WorldVentures’ unique concept, quality products and opportunity for a financially free lifestyle translate extremely well across many countries and cultures. International expansion allows us to share our direct selling opportunity with people worldwide.”

Currently operating in more than a dozen countries, WorldVentures is eyeing further international expansion following the recent successful opening of new markets in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, but there is certainly room for bolder ventures abroad, such as Greece and Russia.

“We’re looking for continued high-velocity growth, and to extend our marketing footprint into Europe and elsewhere,” says Kyle. “Based on the tremendous reception of our product in over a dozen successful international markets so far, we know people in these new countries will respond enthusiastically.”

Though WorldVentures is an American company, the international market has come to play a very important role for the direct selling company. Global expansion is fast becoming a major new revenue stream.

Chief Operating Officer Jon McKillip says the company’s second-quarter overseas numbers were “astounding.”

“It has been a very good start, since we made the move into international markets in 2009,” Jon explains. “This year’s second-quarter numbers put us at the level of other direct selling companies who have actually been in the international market much longer than WorldVentures, yet our volume is increasing on a monthly basis.”

Along with lots of promise, venturing into other countries carries an equally heavy load of risk. From chasing too many opportunities to unpredictable currency fluctuations, the game of international expansion has many threats that domestic-only companies never see.

Kyle has been spearheading the international expansion program since the beginning, and he believes one of the biggest differences between doing business domestically and internationally is culture. “A lot of criticism American companies receive is simply due to a lack of cultural consideration,” he explains. “It’s because Americans don’t do their homework or because they think the rest of the world should do business the way they do business.”

Nicky Gebhardt, a Director in Germany, appreciates the steps WorldVentures goes through before opening business in a new country. “However, most network marketing companies come from America and do not do their due diligence and adapt to the needs of the different countries,” she says. “WorldVentures is the first company to respect this and to make a point of doing all the legal work that is required, hence protecting us all. They have taken into consideration the voices of the leaders in Europe and are doing their very best to try to understand the culture of the countries concerned.”

Regardless of a company’s homeland, it all boils down to positioning the product and the opportunity appropriately for each country and culture. For WorldVentures, it’s all about being able to deliver a world-class product and impeccable customer experience. “The international expansion of WorldVentures enhances our commitment to our current customer base while enabling us to examine and meet the needs of new customers in these regions,” explains Chief Strategy Officer Eddie Head.

Marketing Director Oz Koren from Israel agrees: “WorldVentures is an opportunity that translates across all cultures. I strongly feel that teaching people how to better their lives by taking great vacations and creating extra income is the best way to live.”

“Oz is exactly right,” Kyle says. “Even though people may still be tightening those purse strings, they’re not willing to give up their vacations.”

Peter Powderham, a Regional Marketing Director in the United Kingdom, has experienced huge success in the direct sales industry. He knew it would take a very special company and a unique opportunity to bring him out of semi-retirement, and he says that company is WorldVentures. “Network marketing is the finest form of free enterprise on the planet, and is why a former London policeman like me has enjoyed a lifestyle of freedoms unheard of in most any other industry.”

It started as an opportunity, but WorldVentures has now equipped itself with a sound strategy to launch in any country, in any language and in any currency. Deciding when and how to expand depends on company-specific issues of strategy and tactics, but WorldVentures is looking forward to duplicating their explosive American growth and Representative success in many international markets.

One of the key ways in which WorldVentures is ensuring the highest possible chance for Reps to be successful, is the numerous training opportunities, events and tools the company offers, both in the United States and overseas. “It was initially my brother, George, who pushed to get me started in WorldVentures, but once I got involved, the main reason both George and I have been able to build big businesses is the training,” says Efrosyni Adamides, a Marketing Director in Cyprus. “We are both strong promoters of training, and we firmly believe this is the key to duplicating success.”

A truly unique concept, high-quality products, accessible training events and tools, a rewarding compensation plan, and a commitment to understanding individual cultures – that’s the winning combination that is working so well for WorldVentures.

This direct selling company’s success proves that ambitions for international expansion need not be abandoned during a global economic downturn. Seeking growth by developing new global markets offers opportunity aplenty when that company has learned the culture and needs of their global neighbours, and has targeted their products and services accordingly. By increasing their exposure to markets outside of the United States, WorldVentures has managed to build a greater level of protection during uncertain economic times, and has forged a path for continued success in the international market place.

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