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Traditional rickshaw for hire in London

Aug 31st 2012 at 10:19 PM

So, we are limited by a number of copyright laws that prohibit us from talking about, mentioning and even discussing the summer games that are taking place this...summer! If you guessed that before the ellipses were over, than we congratulate you. Obviously we jest, it seems that the clue was in the title, much like Pizza Express, Pizza Hut or Burger King. However, the amount of people that have descended on our fair city is astounding - never before have so many people cultivated in our fair metropolis. But now they have, and so we must certainly relish in the business opportunities that are possible thanks to this phenomenon. There are certain business things that just work on a whole other level when there are lots of people. This probably won’t happen again, certainly not in our lifetime, so we need to take full advantage of it. If you’re selling a product or service, and you have the opportunity to showcase it to a crowd of thousands, tens of thousands, billions of people (probably not THIS much), you should grab this with both hands. It seems that now is the time to showcase the best guerrilla advertising the city has ever seen. And it’s not that hard, once you get down to it.

The art of this type of advertising forces people to be creative, individual, unique and highly original. Whilst these may seem like similar qualities, they are each as creative, individual and unique to each other. We like to play around - please, just indulge us! It goes without saying that in order to sell a product or service, it takes a strong message conveyed in an even stronger way. In fact, it seems the best are when you don’t even realise you are being sold something. This is the product of innovative advertising. It doesn’t necessarily have to have a large fund behind it, all it takes is an original idea. The philosophy behind this type of advertising is that you surprise your public, you make them take notice, and hope that you can be a part of the great ‘viral’ theme that runs throughout our nation, thanks to video technology. This means a certain occurrence draws a lot of attention, which people then share, and it quickly snowballs until the whole world and his wife have seen it. This is the result of guerrilla marketing. It takes people unawares, and brightens up their day; from what we’ve heard, anyway.

But don’t be thinking that this type of product promotion can only take place in the deepest, darkest depths of the jungle - this is the wrong type of gorilla. Instead, the guerrilla advertising London has to offer is the ingenious displays of choreographed greatness; who can forget the beautiful display in Trafalgar Square, or Heathrow Airport? Either way, it gets people talking and allows you to show clients just how imaginative you can be. We’re surprised you haven’t tried it already.

Author information: Based in South East London,Rodirick has a BA in Journalism and writes about the wonderful and the complex in the city.He wrote an article about Ambient Media Have the Ability to Gain the Targeted Audience and for more information visit here ....


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