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The emergence of Aurora Borealis

May 11th 2015 at 2:41 AM

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The Aurora Borealis Tours in Iceland is not only interesting, but, it also gives an amazing display which no one can forget. Think of the bleak night skies, lighting up with an array of psychedelic colors, won't it be a pleasure to your eye when you watch it.

One can imagine and get the real feeling of this show only when they actually understand what it is. The Aurora is a natural phenomenon that light up in the sky, thus forming different shapes and are available in varied colors.

The Aurora Borealis can be viewed at varying places, but they are most popular in polar regions. Iceland is one of the famous place where this show can be seen. Tourist hire coach in Iceland who provide guidance which are the most favorable spots where you can view this show and also helps you understand what can you add on in your tour to make it all the more interesting.

Aurora Borealis Tours in Iceland

Not many of you must know that the Auroras in North Pole are known as Aurora Borealis. The ones found in the southern pole is known as Aurora Australia. The main source of Auroras is at the solar surface. The solar wind releases gas, which contains free electron and positive ions. The wind is known as CME or coronary mass ejection. The speed of this phenomenon in normal condition is 400 km per second. The speed of CME increases when the solar surface experience storms. Thus, the high speed CME collides with the Earth's magnetic field which forms a chemical reaction producing photons. These photons are basically a light particle.

The Aurora Borealis forms varied shapes which include curtain flying in the wind, the shape of arcs and many others are shaped like a wave of light. When these rays of light are reflected from a particular point its shape resembles a lot to crown of light.

Now, if we talk about the varied color that is formed, it is due to a chemical process of collision between the CME and the earth's magnetic field. This is the only factor that determines the color of Aurora. For example, the blue color is formed when Nitrogen is emitted during the collision and it regains an electron. Similarly, when Nitrogen is emitted and it goes back to the inactive state, red color is formed. When the oxygen when emitted within 3 quarters of a second green colored is formed. As for Brownish red, when the oxygen emission takes more than 2 minutes, brownish red color is seen.

These are some of the scientific factors that results in formation of Aurora Borealis. One can easily plan an amazing tour to view this show as it will provide immense pleasure and satisfaction to you and your family.


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