Some Useful Tips Before Traveling Abroad

Aug 13th 2015 at 2:21 AM

To begin with, I would state the fact that I have always been deeply fascinated by passionate nomads carrying eager minds who almost give up everything for traveling all around the world. They focus on one and one thing only ie to give a touch of discovery to those places on Earth that have been never explored. I do believe that there would simply be no shortage to the number of places that are still lying untouched in every corner of the world. And I would say that I share the same passion like they have been taking a keen interest in for years.

So, one fine day, I decided to quit my nine-to-five day job I had gladly been working for the past six years for good. After having put down my papers, I still remember the day when my boss senses some kind of a mysterious look on my face. Though I shared a friendly relation with my boss, I did not disclose the main reason behind giving up the job out of the blue. For him, I knew it came as an utter shock which he could not handle. 

At this one time, I thought to let him know that booking cheap flights to Istanbul was not a big deal, but then my mind backed off at the end moment and let me kept mum. He would have certainly figured out had I uttered a word “Istanbul”. I realized later that some things are better left unsaid. 

But in spite of him having made several attempts, he failed to extract the exact reason from me as I was determined not to reveal the truth on his face. And there I was ready to take on the world.

After having covered some worthy destinations in all corners of the world, I have decided to explore the fabulous Turkish city that goes by the name of Istanbul. Well, this would be for the very first time I’d be taking to the air to a city that lies at the intersection of Asia and Europe, I must consider some useful tips before I board the flight departing from the UK, London Heathrow to be precise.

So, I inquired about discounted flights to Istanbul from London and booked the one that seemed easy on my pocket. Now, I would mention some useful tips one has to consider prior to traveling abroad. They are mentioned below:

1.Bring copies of your passport - What if you lose your passport in a foreign land? Has your passport been stolen? What will you do when you find out that there are no copies of your passport in your bag? So, in order to avoid getting into any trouble, ensure that you have your passport’s copies to prove your citizenship.

2.Don’t forget to leave a copy - Act wise and have an extra backup. You never know when you might have to bring it to use. Do leave a copy of your passport at home with someone you put your trust into. Let your email account be stored with an electronic copy just in case.

3.Ensure that the plastic works in the country you’re visiting - Know that the European banks have switched to the chip-and-PIN technology which seems to be more secure. You don’t want to land in any problem while shopping at a complex that doesn’t accept credit cards.

4.Be loaded with local cash - Well, there may be various places that don’t work on credit cards when it comes to accepting the money. So, never let yourself feel deprived of local cash and carry them in loads.

5.Avoid lines and buy tickets in advance - Act wise and buy tickets ahead of time of all those places you wish to cover during your journey. This will let you save time.

6.Do Check the voltage of your gadgets - It’s my personal experience that I would like to share with you all. Nothing can be more worse than getting to know that your laptop isn’t working just because the country’s voltage is against your gadget.

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