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Rescue Our Air 4 The USS Planet Earth

Aug 8th 2010 at 7:52 AM

How fast does the earth travel around the sun?

How am I suppose to know?
Oh, well a nutty professor might answer the question like this "The approximate circumference of the "circle" earth travels = pi x diameter" .

"Since earth to sun is about 93 million miles
total circumference = (distance) = pi x 93,000,000, x 2 = 584,336,234 miles
hours in a year (approx) = 365.25 * 24 = 8,766".

"So, in miles per hour... that is
584,336,234 / 8,766 = 66,659 mph (approx)".
Now I have a question.
But first, I would like for you to think of the last time you were looking up on a super clear night at the vast wonders set in front of you. Is there anything between you and the stars other than space dust and maybe a satellite or two?

Lets say that our Planet Earth is our Spaceship, which means we are all doing what we normally do like walking, talking, breathing, sleeping, driving, playing and /or working all on the OUTSIDE OF OUR SPACESHIP " The USS Planet Earth" which is traveling at approx. 67 thousand miles per hour without a protective mask or space suit!!!

This can only mean that our atmosphere IS our protective mask and space suit.
Why then, would we want to continue to pollute and destroy OUR ONLY MEANS OF PROTECTION and our ONLY AIR SUPPLY?

This creates a problem, see our children and/or grandchildren, are destine to become the NEW CREW MEMBERS OF THE FUTURE on the USS Planet Earth. We need to give them THE BEST SPACE SHIP we can so they can continue THE HUMAN JOURNEY THROUGH SPACE FOR GENERATIONS TO COME.


We have two eyes, two ears but like our hearts and brains we only have ONE SPACE SHIP.... ONE USS PLANET EARTH until our future generations find other SPACESHIPS OUT THERE, we will need to preserve and protect this one.

But no matter how many times we put it up on the drawing board.....,
it just does not calculate out in our favor.

We NOW have a product that is in it's third generation of development to being the most simplest, easiest, cleanest, convenient and the most efficient way to provide help to clean our environment...

*A product so effective that it saves more money than it costs....
*A product so evolutionary it reduces tail pipe emissions up to 70%, which is 50% more than the government is projecting to reduce emissions by year 2015-2020.
*A product so needed today for our future tomorrow.
*A product that allows everyday normal people like us to be a part of and capitalize from the Go Green Movement on a smaller scale of the auto and big business Bio-Fuels conglomerates. Why should they be the only ones to help save our planet or make ALL THE BIG MONEY when we ALL CAN HELP and we ALL ALL CAN BENEFIT?
http://RsqRAir.com (pronounced " Rescue Our Air ", is my site for today's Eco-Friendly Family and providing an international shopping experience for the entire family's needs, including our pets)

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Aug 29th 2010 at 7:56 AM by Siamak
Interesting ad! Thanks for the article. Really liked it, sir

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