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Protect Your Luxury Motor Home From Damage When Not In Use

Sep 17th 2015 at 12:44 AM



As far as investing in motor homes is concerned, the money spent is not trivial. It can cost anywhere between 150,000 to 200,000 dollars. Therefore, when not traveling or during the off-season, when used luxury motor homes have to simply sit in the backyard for several months, protecting them from damage is vital. Else, your investment will simply go down the drain. Storing your rig without adequate protection will also result in irrevocable structural damages and shorten its lifespan. Even if you repair parts or components, the cost can rip you off financially.

Here are seven useful tips to protect your vehicle when not used:

1. Keep the Vehicle Ventilated

Keeping moisture at bay is something that most motor home buyers worry about. Moisture development will lead to mold growth and musty odor when the vehicle sits for a long time. You can keep your rig’s interior dry by keeping the rooftop vents open for e few hours during the day. You can invest in special vent covers that are designed to stop rainwater from seeping inside as well as ensuring air circulation. Be prudent to leave the interior closets, cabinets and refrigerator doors open. However, keep monitoring periodically because you don’t wants rodents or bugs to make their way inside either.

2. Wash Your Rig and Inspect All Seals Regularly

Before you park your rig in the backyard during the off-season, give it a thorough wash and wax. A generous coat of wax will keep your luxury abode on wheels protected from the strong UV rays as well as prevent building up of dirt. While you are washing the sides of the vehicle, be very careful about it. Most of the road dust, grease and grime stick to the sides.

Once the vehicle is spotless clean, all rubber seals and silicon seams need to be checked on a periodic basis. If you find any of these worn out, damaged or cracked, repair them right away.

3. Keep All Slides Retracted

Make sure that all slides of your rig are kept retracted to prevent damage to the roof, mechanical parts and rubber seals. This way your motor home’s parts will not remain exposed to external elements. To be on the safe side, use good-quality slide rail corrosion protector and rubber seal conditioners. You can apply mild talcum powder on the inner seals to prevent sticking when you need to open the slide outs in the future.

4. Turn ‘Off’ All Electrical Appliances

When your pre-owned luxury vehicle rests for months, turn off all electronic gadgets and appliances. You can do this with the help of a battery disconnect switch. The battery bank will not get exhausted, and you don’t need to scratch your head over a dead battery bank. However, always remember to keep the batteries fully charged. If you are living in a cold country, a fully charged battery will prevent it from freezing. Remember a poorly charged cell will not only weaken its performance, but also damage it. Moreover, you would not love to hear the constant, irksome beeping of a weak battery alarm in your backyard.

5. Protect from Rodents and Insects

These pests are a pain in the neck for rig owners as they can cause considerable damage to luxury motor homes. The first and foremost thing to do is to block every possible external opening. Bugs or insects love to take refuge in spots such as air intake piping, exterior refrigerator panels and plumbing vents.

The worst enemies of your luxury vehicles are rats and mice. These rodents love to chew electrical wiring and they are extremely difficult to locate in closed up motor home walls. Their excreta create a mess inside. The best way to keep them at bay is by spraying rodenticides and keeping all sources of food away when the vehicle is not in use. Rodents generally don’t nest in places where there is a dearth of food sources. Even toothpaste, soaps and paper towels can be their items of interest. Spray foam or store steel wool in nooks and corners of your luxury rig.

6. Take Care of Plumbing and Tanks

When it comes to plumbing, temperature plays a significant role when your used motor sits for months, especially during the winter months. However, if you are staying in a warmer region such as Florida, you don’t need to worry about freezing or problems related to plumbing.

When your vehicle sits for months, be prudent to completely flush out its waste tank. Thereafter, fill it one-fourth with water to prevent drying from the inside. The fresh water tank should also be filled with water along with half a cup of bleaching powder. Once this is done; run it through all the pipes. This way, you disinfect the pipes as your motor home sits.

7. Keep Your Rig Safe from Thieves

Though luxury abode on wheels are difficult to force an entry or steal, but implementing safety measures always helps. You can consider a first-rate hitch lock to keep burglars away. Chaining the wheels or using wheel locks is also a good idea. The best way to prevent theft is by parking it in a place where there is some sort of onsite security. For example, you can park it on any storage yard where the owner lives on the grounds. In case, you do not get such a place, let your motor home sit in your backyard with a watch dog such as a Rottweiler or an Akita close by. An Akita is a pretty loyal breed for owners and remains unfriendly to strangers and intruders. Last but not the least, insure your vehicle against theft. Check whether the policy covers motor home thefts.

Beautifying your rig is always a great idea but what’s most important is maintenance. Protecting used luxury motor homes from damage is imperative when parked for months. This only keeps it well maintained but also ready for the moment you want to hit the roads


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