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Owning a Car that Attracts Women

May 28th 2015 at 6:56 AM

So, for all of the guys out there that have been wondering if cars actually attract women, the answer is an obvious…YES.

Of course, there is the common belief that you have to have a brand new, super car to attract women but this simply isn’t true and you can attract women with a variety of affordable cars in fact.

So don’t be in a rush to sell your car fast to buy the latest super car in order to boost the female attention. In many societies the lesser expensive styles and models of cars available today can be used to project a certain identity to others too.

These days there is an incredible choice of impressive new and used cars for sale which will enable you to get a great head turning vehicle for a brilliant price without breaking the bank. You’ll want something that speaks wealth, style and comfortability. The very core of what will turn that babes head, when a wiz past her with your friendly smile.

Can you attract women without a supercar?

It is a true fact that you don’t need an insanely expensive supercar to attract a woman. It will obviously help but if its flashy and eye catching, she’s going to look regardless as long as she’s looking in the right direction, you may have to wiz past her more than once to actually achieve this.

You can in fact do it with a great quality used car or even by finding a bargain online. There are so many great deals to be had out there when it comes to looking for either new or old cars for sale. Maybe you want to look like the prestigious business man with a second hand BMW, or a loving but functional family man with a nice clean Honda Accord.

Women don’t care if it’s new or used

It’s not if the cars new or used it’s the car itself right, so you can truly benefit in the current booming used car sales market and purchase yourself a real used lookers, you don’t have to burden yourself with the huge drawbacks to purchasing brand new cars such as the huge price drop percentage the second it leaves the show room, you can own a second hand car which fills you with pride, is cost effective and sends out a clear message to the ladies.

What really attracts women to a car?

Some of the obvious characteristics woman will be attracted to are.

  • Wealth
  • Class
  • Power
  • Appearance
  • Cleanliness
  • Comfortability
  • Rarity
  • Dominance

Everything that a super car portrays is your aim yet at an affordable price.

Use the power of depreciation to your advantage

If portraying wealth is an important factor the car you own should reflect this.

Cars depreciate quite considerably, they say a car loses 30% of its value the minute it leaves the car dealership. You can find examples of cars which sold for 3 times the average medium income 10 or 15 years old, now selling for 1/10ththeir original price.

That means you could own a vehicle 1/3 your potential wage which was once quite valuable and sort after which could become yours to clean up and show off. May be something that old isn’t the way you want to go, yet it’s a good example of how in reach some of the older supercar is to the average guy if his willing to negate the need of a newer vehicle. Even a vehicle 5 to 10 years old would have lost a considerable amount of value and would be worthy of your investigation.

Think about the message you want to signal out?

Another important thing to decide is what message you want to send out to women with the car you choose. Do you want to come across as a wealthy bachelor? Or do you want to appear as a man who would be the ideal family man or doting husband?

For many of the male species out there, owning a good looking car is somewhat a status symbol. A car which represents a man’s success and power is always going to be the main reason for choosing the cars they do. A car, be it a used car or a new car can also represent different things to a woman than what you are aiming for.

You may want to sell your car to upgrade to a better car in order to attract the ladies but it doesn’t have to get complicated, expensive or silly when it comes to choosing a car that attracts women. If you think sensibly, chose a car that’s financially smart and well looked after, ensure it looks tidy and is going to be comfortable for her to ride in.

All of these things are positives for a women; a woman doesn’t necessarily want to see something with huge exhausts that makes an embarrassingly loud noise every time you set off, as there are many ladies that will suit your aim.

So think sensibly when purchasing your second hand car, don’t over burden yourself in debt and do your research when scanning the online car sales market before you part with your cash, have a good think about what it is what a women really wants in there man’s car?

A chauvinist struggling to pay off his wheels, or someone they can rely ongoing who drives a sensible vehicle that’s nice looking, comfortable to ride in and a pleasure to be seen in.


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