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Marco Polo’s Days – for the Kids to Learn

Aug 21st 2015 at 2:18 AM

At the very mention of this name, the first thing that strikes the thoughts is “Explorer.” The next thought that comes immediately after “Explorer” is “Trader.” To think that his travel tales could become so famous immediately makes one want to know what he did during his time. In fact, Marco Polo was the first European to leave behind an account of his travels to China. These travel accounts were so interesting that some of them are included in our children’s history lessons. Ring a bell? The silk-road adventures and the China stay of Marco Polo are by far the most famous.

The importance of silk-road can be summed up in the lines that follow. With a length of almost 7000 kilometres, the road derives its name from the profitable trade of Chinese silk that was carried out along the entire length of this road. This route is particularly significant because it led to the development in the civilizations of China, the Indian subcontinent, Europe, Persia and the Horn of Africa and Arabia. The long-distance and highly profitable trade route gave rise to travelling merchants from afar carrying exotic goods of all kinds. Teaching the kids about silk route will help them understand the importance of trade. Silk-road lesson activities can be devised by someone who knows about it in fair detail, for the children to attend. This can be done at school level.

The silk-road came to be known so because the major component of trade was Chinese silk. There were many other goods traded along the way. Also traded was the culture, as travellers from far and wide would come to a country and settled down there. Such interesting Marco Polo facts for kids pique their interest and make them want to know more about this person and his adventures. It will also be interesting to know that Marco Polo described Chinese culture, economy and polity in detail. He was born in a merchant family and knew the basics of trade. He was clever, and during his stay in China he quickly educated himself in Chinese language and customs and became a confidant of Kublai Khan. He was appointed at a high position in the court and was entrusted with many diplomatic responsibilities. Throughout his stay in China, nostalgia kept tormenting him to return to his home in Italy. After much coaxing, Kublai Khan allowed Marco Polo and his uncle to return to their homeland. When he finally got back, his country was torn and was at war. These facts about Marco Polo can be taught to children in a fun way. The silk-road lesson plans include many activities and enjoyable learning modules that actively interact with the participants. Through Marco Polo education, children will be learning about a significant historical trade-route which brought about drastic changes in world history.

Marco Polo learning also creates within many a sense of adventure and a desire for exploration. To explore more about Marco Polo, and to find out more about silk-road, visit

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Sheena Timberlake is an expert historian who has studied the life and travels of Marco Polo in great detail. She likes to write many interesting articles and blogs on the topic and recommends as the most trustworthy website to find accurate information about the traveller.

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