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How to Drive in Snow

Jan 27th 2011 at 7:14 AM

As it snows outside here in the Northland, I am reminded of the recentsnow down South. Here are a few tips to survive an expedition in the white stuff:

Don't do anything in a hurry. Leave plenty of time to slow down for stop signs and stop lights.

Black ice looks just like wet pavement, but provides no traction. Watch for it in the shadows when the sun is melting the snow and ice it can reach.

Look for rough surfaces when you encounter slippery roads. The plowed snow and gravel at the edge of the road are rougher than the pavement in the middle, and will give you more traction, and thus more control.

Steer in the direction of the skid. When you start to slide, if your back end starts to glide towards the right, steer to the right. Don't touch the brakes! If you have a stick shift, downshift gently to slow down.

If you are stuck in a small snowdrift, rock the car back and forth to gain momentum until you can make it through the drift back onto the road. Here again a stick shift is helpful, because you can go in and out of gear as you rock. With an automatic, you have to go into reverse and then into drive, which takes a lot longer.If you have some sand, salt or kitty litter, throw some under the path of the wheels for more traction.

Keep a safety kit in the trunk, containing a flashlight, road salt, flares, a blanket, candy or granola bars, water and sand or kitty litter.

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Jul 15th 2011 at 12:04 PM by TimRR
great job

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