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Hiking in Peru

Feb 9th 2013 at 9:36 PM


I'm going to tell you about some adventure hiking in Peru.

If you are planning to visit Peru anytime soon, you should plan on
visiting Machu Picchu. In Peru you will be able to hike the Inca
trail. This trail is a 3-4 day hike and it ends at the Machu's Sun
Gate entrance. Getting a permit to hike here is really tough as
there is a 500 person limit per day. If you are planning on doing
this, it is best to book your trip to Peru a few months in

If for some reason you are unable to do the Inca trail hike, there
are other places that you can hike on your visit to Peru. Some of
the other hikes can be just as tough and just as rewarding
as hiking on the Inca trail. The second best place to hike is the
Lares route. This hike has no limit to the number of people that
can hike. There is a downfall to this hike and that is that it
stops before you end up hitting Maccu Picchu and you will then
have to take the bus to get to the site.

The Lares hike over time has changed a bit. You will now get a
true feel for the Peruvian lifestyle. The Lares trail will take
you through a few of the villages here and you will often see some
of the Peruvians selling handmade crafts. It is said that it is
tradition to bring pencils and paper in case you meet any kids
along the way. The people that live here do not have access to a
dentist or any doctors so giving candy is not a good choice. Also
coca leaves are a great gift for adults.

On the Inca trail you are going to be challenged by stone steps
and a lot of them at that. Hiking the Lares trail is a bit
different from this. You will have to climb up and down many steep
rocky passes. It can be helpful if you bring a walking stick. The
Lares trail does reach a higher altitude than the Inca trail and
is roughly 4,500m tall (13,500' approx.). Because of such a high altitude, you may
experience altitude sickness and leaving you with less stamina
than usual. A higher altitude means colder temperatures so be sure
to dress appropriately for the colder climate. Proper gear is
important while hiking here.

Hiking in Peru is an exciting experience and there is quite a bit
to see. No matter where you decide to hike on your visit you can
rest assured that you will have an exciting experience while you
are there. You will see new things and meet interesting people
along the way.

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