Fly cheap despite airfare costs

Sep 15th 2010 at 5:54 AM

FLY CHEAP with the AIRFARE Secrets

If you think just checking a ‘discount travel site’ will get you the lowest fare, you are wrong! The fare you find on your favourite discount travel site will almost never be the lowest fare possible! You need to know certain insider secrets if you want to get the very best savings.

I know what it’s like to get ripped off by airlines and end up spending hundreds more than you have to on a seat.

Every day airlines are filling seats up with passengers who paid significantly more than they had to for those tickets.

And every day people just like you are booking flights, both through the airlines themselves and through travel sites, that cost hundreds more than they need to.

But flying is expensive, though right? Well not for me it isn’t, not anymore, and it doesn’t have to be for you either!

You can save boatloads of money on your travelling simply by applying a few easy techniques that the vast majority of the general public has absolutely no idea about.It’s time to stop paying more than you have to!

Finally, the airline industries secrets are going to be revealed! I want to show you the best methods, tips and tricks that will save you buckets of cash on all of the flights you book from this day on! You will never pay anything even close to full price ever again!

I’ve dug and dug, done countless hours of research, and after gathering information from travel agents, airline employees, and top experts in the field of discount travel, I’ve uncovered the secret, easy, effective steps you can take to get huge discounts on your airfares GUARANTEED.

These methods work for any airline,
anywhere in the world.

I’m talking the top methods for putting hundreds of dollars back into your wallet, instead of lining the airlines’ pockets with your hard earned cash. They’ve gouged you enough, but not anymore!


Here’s a secret that 99% of travellers and

flyers simply don’t understand…

The lowest price available is never the most obvious one. Not even close! If you don’t know the proper ways to search for airfare, you will never find the best price available, because the airlines and travel sites don’t want you to find it! They want you to pay more!

The best prices are out there, but you need to know some industry secrets in order to find them. Once you do though, you’ll save huge amounts on your flights and travel, and be amazed at just how easy it was!

The fact of the matter is, the airlines who are filling up the seats on their planes, and the travel sites that are acting as brokers to help them, benefit if you spend more on your airfare than you have to.

Whether you book through a third-party site, or directly through the airline, the more you needlessly spend on your ticket, the more money they make.

But why should you overpay and spend more of your hard earned money than you have to? Your job isn’t to fill the pockets of the CEOs and Executives pulling in multi-million dollar salaries. Your job is to ensure that you get the absolute best price that you possibly can!

And that’s exactly what my guide will teach you! Just revised and updated for 2009/2010, the information and secrets contained in Fly Cheap! Airfare Secrets Revealed are guaranteed to save you significant money on your next flight, and every flight you book from this day on!

Just some of the secrets that will be revealed to you in this explosive guide include:

  • Where to go for the absolute cheapest fares possible. (Hint: Not all sites are created equal)…
  • The exact search sequence you should use on the net in order to find the hard to find, guaranteed lowest fares possible!
  • Where to find time-sensitive information on limited time sales that could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, before they’re gone…
  • The new, secret place airlines are using to advertise extremely limited time, incredibly low fares to some of the hottest destinations!
  • Every single secret of online searches and how to do them better and easier than 99.9% of people know how to do…
  • Very special free software you can use to automate your search, so your computer does all the work for you!
  • A simple, but incredibly costly mistake you’re making with your computer when searching for airfare…
  • The secrets of timing and how you can use it against the airlines to dramatically increase your savings…
  • The secret of how to use the airlines’ own systems and timing against them to ensure you get the cheapest fares! Beat them at their own game!
  • Little-known scheduling tips that you can use to get ridiculous savings…
  • The shocking truth about "last minute discounts"!
  • The exact day and time to do your ticket searches to guarantee the maximum savings…
  • When you should never book a ticket in order to avoid periodic price increases that the airlines put in place to try and screw you out of more money!
  • Little known, killer ticketing systems and loopholes you can use to pull one over on the airlines completely legally, saving you huge on return flights!
  • The incredible truth about "airline mistakes" and how you can take advantage of these ridiculously low fares when the airlines screw up their pricing!
  • How to use the intense competition between airlines to push your fare down to ultra low levels…
  • How to get money back from the airline after you’ve booked and paid for your ticket!
  • How to save huge when travelling with children or in groups…
  • The many special groups that are eligible for steep discounts and how you can save big if you’re part of one…
  • How you can get vouchers for free flights and massively discounted flights when you otherwise would never have known you could!
  • and much, much more, all applicable to airlines all over the world!
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