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Don’t Buy an RV Until You Have Checked These Plumbing Parts and Accessories

Dec 23rd 2015 at 4:02 AM

When you are scanning the many RVs for sale by owner ads, you should keep a few things in mind before finalizing any deal. One of it definitely is the plumbing system that the vehicle includes. The ability to do your dishes with warm water, wash your hands with soap and lukewarm water, take a warm refreshing shower in your rig’s bathroom and having a toilet that flushes well, are some of the luxuries that you can expect when investing in a pre-owned home-on-wheels. And, all of these luxuries are available to you only if your motor home’s plumbing system is up and running. Want to learn more about plumbing parts and accessories? Here are some plumbing components and fittings that you must check before investing in a used RV.

Motor Home Water Pump

The water pump of an RV is its lifeline. When traveling in your home-on-wheels for several days, you need a lot of water for cleaning, bathing and washing. A luxury rig’s pump helps in pumping water to make your life convenient on the go. Check whether the RV you are going to purchase is equipped with an on-demand pump or not. You can keep it switched on. The pump will operate the moment it senses your rig’s water system needs more pressure. Imagine the convenience you will enjoy when you need more water to clean the dishes in your RV’s kitchen or flush your rig’s toilet.

Water Pressure Regulator

There is a difference between the water pressure in your home and that of your rig. The water in your house has a constant pressure but this is not the case when you’re at a camp site where  the water supply comes from nearby booster pumps. If you are not fortunate enough and land up close to a pump, the water pressure will be much higher than what is expected. Before investing in a used house-on-wheels, make sure that it has a water pressure regulator. You can request an owner to install a regulator or install it yourself. It is available for just $12 or $13. A pressure regulator will prevent damage to an RV’s water hose, pipes and pump from inconsistent water pressure in campgrounds.

Plumbing Tubes and Pipes

When it comes to a motor home’s plumbing system, it generally includes some kind of plastic pipes and tubes. Before investing, check whether the RV for sale has ABS pipe or PEX tubing. These pipes or tubing ensure smooth flow of water to a vehicle’s toilet and other plumbing fixtures inside the vehicle. The home-on-wheel you are investing in will have PEX tubing if it was manufactured in the last 8-10 years. So, make sure that you ask the owner about the manufacturing date of the RV.

Once you own a used motor home, it’s difficult to know when you’ll need a plumbing repair. Whether it is a high water pressure or a damaged pipe during the freezing winter months, motor home breakdowns are unpredictable and you need to be prepared. It’s a good idea to ask a rig owner if he has a few spare pipes and tubes of different lengths. This is just to play safe and being prepared for a breakdown.

When you are looking for RVs for sale by their owners, remember to perform the checks. Plumbing, quite obviously, is one of the most basic things that deserve attention. Think of it as a means to ensure that you are investing in the right stuff. You need to know about the ins and outs of a motor home’s pipes, tubes, fixtures, fittings, pump and water pressure regulator. With the right plumbing accessories included, you’ll have a fun and hassle-free experience when RV-ing.

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