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Check out the 38 Countries Eligible for Securing the ESTA Visa

Nov 20th 2014 at 5:05 AM

The ESTA online visa processing offers a whole lot of conv enience and ease for selected countries that signed up for the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). The particular program was initially brainstormed about by the leading figures in the United States for promoting tourist blooms.

The Electronic System for Travel Authorization makes the entrance of a number of international tourists centralized and secure. With a charge of $14.00 USD, the effect of the ESTA program has treaded well along the right path. Nonetheless, more and more enhancements could be adapted along the way.United States for promoting tourist blooms.


What arose along the way in signing for the VWP among selected nations?

1.    Andorra: Policies for the visa application in the country was received fairly by a number of interest travelers. Since all who signed up were eligible, they only transacted online for a quicker process.


2.    Australia: The same effect was established in this country. Eventually, there were no non-eligible individuals in it.

3.    Austria: The visa application for the ESTA network processing over the internet had to undergo mode language selection enhancement in 2013. After just a month, everything spiced up for accommodation in the website platform in Austria.

4.    Belgium: The travelers in Belgium are the earliest record-holders for signing up and creating an account over the web.

5.    Brunei: Before the site was opened for the citizens, it had to undergo a number of proxy makeup processes since not all individuals in the country are internet users. But, instead of having to take the long process of getting a visa through the US Embassy, the country of Brunei declared its full commitment to the Visa Waiver Program. By declaring such, the Embassy for US in Brunei was given leeway to implement the central unit order for online account activation in a number of spots stationed all over the country.

6.    Chile: The same effect was established in the country. Fortunately, there were no non-eligible individuals in it.

7.    Czech Republic: When the United States government recommended that travelers should go online three days prior to entering the country, many citizens happily complied.

8.    Denmark: It was easy to open up an account in Denmark. Although there were a few non-eligible individuals, matters of compromise can be done. The top includes manually securing a visa in the US Embassy.

9.    Estonia: The same effect was established in the country. There were a few numbers of non-eligible individuals in 2010 then. Now, everyone has fully signed up for an online application.

The same effect was established in the following countries, so that all who came were immediately eligible for signing up for online esta visa application:

10.    Finland

11.    France

12.    Germany

13.    Greece

14.    Hungary

15.    Iceland

16.    Ireland

17.    Italy- There were exceptions for the online users in the country like currency exchange distribution and identification record. These are probably due to the country’s appeal for faster citizen-tourist visa accommodation of its citizens in the US.

18.    Japan: Netizens in Japan have higher access to the online website platform sine the country has one of the fastest proxy servers in the world. In the other end, there is a higher responsibility for regular visa configuration in the country than other countries.

19.    Republic of Korea

20.    Latvia

21.    Liechtenstein

22.    Lithuania

23.    Luxembourg

24.    Malta

25.    Monaco: The citizens in Monaco held the top spot for the most punctual online visa applicants.

26.    Netherlands

27.    New Zealand

28.    Norway

29.    Portugal

30.    San Marino

31.    Singapore

32.    Slovakia

33.    Slovenia

34.    Spain

35.    Sweden

36.    Switzerland

37.    Taiwan

38.    United Kingdom

The named 38 countries were noticeably in line with being highly diplomatic during the momentous international platform dialogue instituted by the EU Ambassador to the United States. Such diplomatic grace revered the international union of all the countries who are looking forward to higher peace terms in the territorial affairs. Thus, the US government has fairly seen the potential of growing an immense surge of internal tourists without risking the level of security. Security is the main priority in the US. Hence, when the 38 countries signed up for the Visa Waiver Program, the likewise acknowledge the importance of safe and secure Visa processing for the good of US’s and their’s as well.

As part of the country’s urge for faster and more effective visa processing, the third-party websites came into the scene to accommodate extra visa affairs. The US government sent forth an assurance to the VWP-member countries that all extra-online business, as long as under the US platform, are, therefore, safe to transact at all times.


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