A new life in New Zealand

Sep 24th 2010 at 2:59 AM

If only this report had existed when we were considering New Zealand. The authors would have gladly paid ten times more than it's ridiculously low price today. If just one idea or bit of information could help keep you from making a costly mistake, imagine how much you stand to gain from the hundreds of suggestions, tips, resources, links and ideas laid out in this comprehensive report.
The New Zealand Immigration & Relocation Report is bulging with a wealth of information, resources, links and tips to get you started, and more importantly, to help keep you moving toward your goal. Just take a look at this partial list of contents:
Partial List of Comprehensive Contents
Bulging with a wealth of information, guidelines, resources, links and tips, this comprehensive report has something for everyone.
Here are just some of the topics and sections included in The New Zealand Immigration & Relocation Report:
Why New Zealand?
Permanent, Part-Time or Strategic Immigration
Is Immigration the Answer?
New Zealand's Six Immigration Categories
The Pros & Cons of Each NZIS Category.
Should You Use an Immigration Consultant or Go It Alone?
How we got our application approved in only 3 days!
What to Bring With You and Key Things to Arrange Before You Arrive
Getting You and Your Stuff to New Zealand
Shipping your household items.
Shipping your pets.
Shipping your self.
Banking and Finance
Bank accounts, service charges and choices.
Housing & Real Estate -- Finding the Right Place
Renting a home.
Purchasing a home.
Obtaining Utilities and Related Services
Water, Electricity & Gas.
Telephone Service.
Internet Service Provider (ISP's).
New Zealand internet "freebies".
Rubbish & recycling - a national mania.
Food, Groceries, and the Kiwi Diet
You have a what?… A "coupon"?
A typical trip to the grocery store.
Shopping in New Zealand
Discount?…What's a discount?
Product Quality & Return Policies.
What are the reliable brands?
How to get a special discount on new household items.
Checking your prospective car out.
What were they thinking?
Driving in New Zealand
When's the last time you heard of a rush hour that only lasted an hour?
On the road again -- just watch out for trucks and sheep.
Where service stations still mean "service" stations!
Drive left, think reverse, and don't forget to laugh.
The golden rule of New Zealand driving.
Roundabouts - pure and simple.
Beware of New Zealand's bizarre give-way rules.
Speed limits, "road rage" and strange motorway signs.
Can I drive in New Zealand with my existing licence?
Licensing (registering) your car and obtaining a Warranty of Fitness (WOF) certificate.
Be sure to bring a map.
Kiwi Business Signage -- Oh my aching head.
Metric conversion for dummies.
Speed cameras and parking for newbies.
New Zealand Schools and Education System
Three types of primary and secondary schools.
How do I select a school for my child?
Old certificates and exams to give way to new NCEA.
How do New Zealand public schools compare with those in other countries?
Insurance & Healthcare
Mail Services
Electrical Device and Video Format Compatibility
New Zealand's Media
Kiwi Ads - Earthy, blunt, and a special kind of humour.
TV after 8:30 pm -- Watch over your smaller children.
Feature films and the New Zealand film rating system.
Schedules? We don't need no stinking schedules!
National & Regional Newspapers.
Magazines & Periodicals
Kiwi Fashion, Society and Social Mores
Fashion & Beauty.
Manners & Personal Space.
The roles of the sexes.
Alcohol & drug use.
Attitudes toward wealth.
Racism, bigotry and the pecking order.
Working in New Zealand
New Zealand Tax System
The legacy of "Rogernomics."
New Zealand's personal & business tax rates.
Double Tax Treaties
Conclusion and Final Thoughts 
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