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Trading Secrets Most Brokers won’t Share

Jun 26th 2015 at 2:17 AM

Any business that involves predictions is a frisky one, and stock trade is nothing but. Highly influenced by the decisions the Government makes, stock brokers from all around need to be familiarized not only with at least the basics of businesses the stocks they trade are a part of, but in addition, with the movements of trends in question. So how do the greats do it? Here are a couple of aces they like to have stashed up their sleeves, just in case.

A common prejudice injected by Hollywood straight into our pop-culture-influenced minds that all brokers like to take a daily swimming exercise inside pools of gold coins flourishing inside their huge cubic steel vaults is pretty much far from truth. In fact, the figure of $47,000 a year is way closer to the truth than the millions Scrooge McDuck realizes annually. So ending up poor on account of trying to tackle miles of wads of cash head-on is a mistake many a hot headed newbie to the trade makes. The key is taking things slow and taking on bigger risks gradually, as one’s wealth grows, say the experienced broker sages.

Just about everyone knows they need information, but the big question lies rather in the means of obtaining it, than on the sheer awareness. While deep discount brokers might turn out selfish when it comes to data sharing, turning to their full-service or discount counterparts. According to the NerdWallet, there are tens of deep-discount brokerages that have research reports, data and analysis software in store, just for you. If not available for free, some of these offer those at far more favorable prices than the leaders in the world of stocks.

Even though quite useful, statistics aren’t always right, obviously, for if they were, there would be nothing statistical about them. Do not rely on famous brand names and seemingly expensive commercials (remember, this day and age, everyone can make an iPhone video look like a million bucks with just a bit of makeup), but rather spend some time thinking about choosing your investor. Feel free to use some of the available tools to make the comparison of the FX brokers nothing but a breeze.

While the Big Apple truthfully is the epicenter of stocks, this financial business hub isn’t the only place stock trading is done from. Not only is the trading done from all round the States, it is done from all round the globe. So, as already mentioned, do your homework, go wide, use the internet and cheap information that’s available. But don’t overdo it, for a bunch of statistics would be too big a problem even for the top mathematicians to tackle.

A truly dedicated stockbroker knows that they need to be on top of the available data, as this business is far from mere guesswork. While, in truth there exists a dose of unpredictability, the trick here is to either avoid those or choose them wisely, again, utilizing as much information there is on a huge hall dining table that is this world of whispers and unintentionally exposed secrets. If the teapot is too far out of reach in a crowded dining hall, you might want to opt for coffee instead, in other words, to quote Sun Tzu: “Choose your battles wisely”.


The fact that they all come from wealthy backgrounds is just as much incorrect as the completely opposite prejudice that every stockbroker has made their way from the pits of poverty. In truth, just like it’s always the case in this reality, most of the bigshots stem from average-earning households. So don’t let the heritage make you take this road, but don’t refrain from pursuing your dream of being a bigshot stockbroker.

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