Things to know before Purchasing a Kitchen Worktop

Aug 24th 2015 at 3:38 AM

People generally invest a substantial amount of time, effort and money in home decoration, and amongst all of them, they try to focus on the worktops to be installed in their kitchens. However, in doing so, they make a lot of mistakes unknowingly. They need to remember certain things before going for worktops in their kitchens. Black Fusion granite worktops by MKW Surfaces .

Content: When talking about considering the home decor options, one has to take care about a number of things. And while choosing the materials for home decor, one has to be very careful about choosing the decor materials for kitchen, as this is the place, which is tough to be decorated, once all the other things are in place. While talking about the kitchen decors, one of the most important items is the kitchen worktop, as this is the most important part of the kitchen, not only in terms of decoration, but also in terms of the utility it provides to the user.

As marble and granite in London can be quite costly, putting your disposable income and savings into it, there are few points that need to be remembered. Following are some of those:

Anyone always should be enthusiastic about choosing the design for the kitchen worktop first, and then carry out with decoration of the other kitchen items, like cupboards, walls, etc. If somehow the design of the worktop becomes so unorthodox, so that taints or designs for the walls or cupboards are not available, then the worktop may have to be changed, which in itself is a costly activity. Therefore, it is always advised that first, choose the design for the rest of the kitchen items, and once over, then for the worktops.

It is a common belief that the light coloured tops are not able to cover up the dirt or cooking spills. However, it is not true for kitchen worktops. In accordance with one of the executives of an accredited stone institute, that advises on Granite kitchen worktops in London, people tend to incline towards darker shades of granite worktops, as they believe that white ones or the others with a lighter tone cannot handle the spilled food properly. On the contrary, worktops with lighter notes are more capable of hiding the grime, as they can be more perceptible on the dark ones. Darker granites also show lime-scale marks easier than lighter granite worktops .

Though it is very hard to believe, but people actually think that the black granite worktops are tougher compared to the ones with light shades. It's time for a reality check. In reality, there are no relationship between the colour of the granite and its strength. Therefore, while purchasing worktops, do not measure its strength by its colour. What makes the difference in terms of strength is the mineral make up of each granite material.

If you are confused with the colour or design of your worktop, which is needed to be matched with the rest of the kitchen, the safest bet would be to go for the light ones, or white granite. As white is a basic colour, it can literally go with any colour. This is one of the major issues being faced by people, as stated by one of the executives of the designing firm that supplies Granite kitchen worktops in London.

Worktops define the style statement of your kitchen, and therefore, the beauty of the worktop needs to be preserved. In order to maintain the glaze and the beauty of your worktop intact, do not forget to reseal it at least once every 18 months.

Though the list is not quite extensive enough, but these points can give you a primary idea about the do's and dont's you need to remember while going for the new worktop for your kitchen.

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