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Precious Metals – Fact Sheet

Jul 29th 2015 at 3:20 AM

· Amazingly gold is the only metal that does not oxide in normal weather conditions, thus it remains in its shiny form for ages without losing its glow; this was probably the reason why gold as well as silver was valued from the beginning. The fact that it also falls under the category of scarce metal made it even more valuable.  Throughout history Silver and gold has been an object of desire. Battles were fought; cities have fallen and rose because of Silver and gold, even Columbus discovered America while he was looking for Silver and gold!

· When you observe the periodic chart gold is listed as Au from the Latin word for gold Aurums. Being soft and heavy in nature it is the most easily worked metal, it is also one of the least chemically reactive substance known to man! This characteristic allows gold to be easily extracted from the substances that it is trapped in. Silver and gold are also excellent conductors of electricity and heat. The human body’s temperature is 36 – 37degrees and gold adopts this temperature very quickly and becomes part of the wearer

· Most of the world’s mined gold today is used for the jewellery trade.  The silver and gold jeweller’s trade is also one of the fastest growing online businesses!

· All these factors eventually made Silver and gold function as money. In 1821 Great Britain adopted Silver and gold as its official currency and 93 years later in 1914, Silver and gold became the measuring scale for almost all the currencies in the world. From the US dollar to the currency variety of Europe, all had a set standard value both silver and gold known as the ‘Silver and gold Standard’ up to 1933. In international trade governments use sell Silver and gold to offset deficits. Back then, people were given an option to exchange cash for gold that the Fed must oblige.

· Some of the greatest cities in the world were established because of gold. California, Colorado, Johannesburg, Melbourne and other major cities in Australia are only some of the places where discoveries of gold caused massive migration to these locations that eventually became ‘economic cells’ within a country.

Bonus Facts

Believe it or not scrap metal dealers often make more money from a kilogram of scrap that contains gold than a tonne of scrap without! You might be sitting on a ton of gold that you might consider to be junk or just worthless rubbish lying about in your store, but if you go through them carefully you might just find a small fortune. So check that old box that is lying in the corner of the attic and get some cash for gold. You might never know that you might actually be throwing out money in the form of gold when you take the trash out. Just because you don’t see it, it does not mean it is not there. Do some research; you may never know what you just might come across! According to some sources, the total amount of gold that has been added to human trash landfills around the world could amount to billions of dollars.



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