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How to handle a debt collector, if you have not managed to settle payments through a debt relief program

Mar 5th 2015 at 5:34 AM

If you managed to get into a debt relief program that you cannot handle, you may have entered into the wrong program. It is advisable to find a debt relief company that has several debt relief options that you can choose from and that would be appropriate for you. If you need an example of such a company that is positively reviewed and highly regarded, click here for debt relief programs.


Find below some of the information you should be aware of when dealing with a debt collector and how you should handle such an issue if it ever happens to you.

A debt collectors role

When you are unable to pay a debt that you have agreed to pay for a certain period of time, your creditor usually engages a debt collector to collect the debt from you.

Types of debt collectors

Your creditor could engage different types of debt collectors including:

· Debt collectors under the creditor’s own payroll usually in the debt collection department

· A third party company engaged by the creditor to collect the debt

· A company that has bought the debt off from the original creditor and now wants to pursue the debt for itself.

In some cases, if the creditor has a debt collection department, it will ask one of its own debt collectors to contact you.

Usually, a debt collector will try to get into contact with you through a letter first.

What to find out from a debt collector when they contact you

When a debt collector contacts you, the relevant information that you should ensure to get from it, if it hasn’t already put it in writing should be:

· The name of the person you are dealing with and their contacts.

· Whom are you dealing with? Find out which of the debt collectors mentioned above you are dealing with.

· The cash value of the debt as well as whom you owe it to.

· The date when you took the debt and when you hypothetically defaulted on payments.

· If you are not familiar with the debt, you should try to get as much detail as possible.

Once you are satisfied that you have all the necessary information regarding the debt. Politely tell the debt collector that you will have a look at your records and revert to them.

Do not acknowledge the debt or agree to any payments until you have verified the details of the matter.

Once you verify the details are correct…

If you have the money to settle the debt, clearing the debt should conclude the matter. Just make sure to verify the creditor has received the payment by asking for a receipt and only transact with the debt collector who contacted you.

If you cannot pay the full amount at once, put it in writing how you propose to settle the debt. For example, propose a few installments and show your good faith by making an initial payment.


Hopefully, by following these guidelines, you will be able to take advantage of the second opportunity to settle your debt and take the right course of action to appropriately deal with your debt.

Please to comment
May 12th 2015 at 12:36 AM by thomassujain
This article is completely different its like a coin showing both side of debt relief program pros as well as cons. This provides help before dealing with any debt relief options. You should be very well aware with debt collector whose responsibility is to collect debt money from you. This article describes you about what debt collector do and how when you are fail to pay back to company. Multiple points has been focuses to help us out when we are in trouble of debt . Thank you so much jack showing the procedure of debt collector and how to be aware of them.
May 9th 2015 at 2:49 AM by Andybrown
I am totally new to this article because till now I have read many articles about settled payment through debt relief program but never thought negative about it. This article guides us to handle the debts when you are failed to settle for debt relief program. You should find debt relief company which has different debt relief options. Several points are mentioned here for managing with the debt collector. You should negotiate with the debt relief company. Also there are several types of debt collectors which are mentioned here. Thank you for posting such unique article and keep posting more. Keep it up.

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