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David Hurley | DavidHurley

How To Buy Silver Coins And Silver Bullion Bars On The Internet

Sep 27th 2011 at 6:10 AM

With the current financial and economic turmoil, metals such as gold and silver have become an attractive safe investment for a lot of people.

Another reason why gold and silver are increasing in value is the rise of China and India. Their high levels of economic growth and the emergence in both those countries of a "new middle class" are both conducive to the surge in demand for precious metals.

For the ordinary person, however, it can be quite difficult, to find a good way to collect or invest in precious metals on a regular basis with a limited budget.

This pent up demand for gold and silver among small investors is reflected not only in the current high price of gold, but also in the fact that some network marketing businesses based on selling silver have emerged in recent years.

Network marketing businesses that trade in silver offer the promise of "free silver" in the form of coins or one ounce .999 fine silver bars for marketers who can successfully recruit a team of silver purchasers. If you can find a handful of people willing to buy silver you will earn commissions in the form of silver coins.

Attractive as this sounds, there is, of course, a "catch"...

Firstly, the price of the silver products are usually a lot higher than the current price of silver bought through established silver dealers. So the affiliates who try and find buyers have to get over the big hurdle of "price" and they do that by holding out the promise of "free silver" to anybody who joins the team and recruits three or four people to buy silver.

Sadly, 9 out of 10 of network marketers will not manage to sell a single thing even if the sales materials are top-notch.

Secondly, to build an active team and enjoy the rewards of "free silver" every month, you are going to have to work hard and be persistent.

Yet, most people join network companies in the hope that sales will look after themselves and that they can "make money" on other peoples efforts and the "spillover" structure of the MLM company.

There must be a better way for the little guy to build up a collection of silver, slowly and surely, at fair price, without getting burned or having to manage a full time business...

That is where SFI comes into the picture. SFI is a network marketing company with a range of products and services, including a "garage sale" site called Tripleclicks. They now offer silver coins and bars to their members through the Tripleclicks site.


1. You can buy US 2011 Silver Eagle coins and 1 ounce silver bullion bars direct from your Tripleclicks site.

2. One feature of Tripleclicks is its "Pricebender Auction" service, where - if you play the game right - you can pick up silver bars and silver Eagles at bargain basement prices. This can be a very cheap way to get coins, but ONLY if you win! As a small bonus to bidders, each bid wins you Member Reward Points (MRP), which can be traded in for... yes, you guessed it - silver!

3. You can accumulate Member Reward Points (MRP) and trade your MRP for Silver coins or bars on the Member Rewards site:

4. Another option is to look for people selling second hand silver coins on Tripleclicks. I made a "test purchase" of coins from one Tripleclicks member, which turned out well - I received the coins, and they were as described by the seller.


One advantage of buying through a Tripleclicks dealer is that you will also earn VP for each purchase you make, so this will help you get to the all important "Executive Affiliate" (EA) level (1,500 VP per month) while also building up your holdings of silver.

Another point is how Tripleclicks handles your money. The money is kept by Tripleclicks until you receive the goods you bought from the seller. Then, once you, or the shipping company, has confirmed delivery, the money is released to the seller.

So, in conclusion, if anybody is looking for a safe, easy way to buy and hold silver coins or silver bullion bars via the Internet, I recommend that they do so through SFI's Tripleclicks website.

Please to comment
Sep 27th 2011 at 4:12 PM by DavidHurley
Hi LonnieG, I agree! And in response to that I've noticed more "precious metal" network marketing programmes springing up. TripleClicks started offering silver coins and bars a few months ago and I think they offer the best value for buyers overall, if you take into account the rewards you earn each time you make a purchase. Best wishes, David
Sep 27th 2011 at 11:21 AM by LonnieG
Silver and gold comes about as close to a real store of value as most anything! ~LonnieG

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